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Does your Yorkie’s paws need special attention?

    Preventive Care    June 8, 2017

dog paw care

As loving Yorkie owners that we are, we always look after our beloved best friends. We bath and groom them, we buy their favorite treats and the best food, we take them to their checkup at the vet, we do everything within our means to keep them healthy and happy, after all they are family.

Even though we take care and want the best for them, we rarely take care of their feet and paws.

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Brushing Teeth of Your Yorkie

    Preventive Care    September 22, 2016

Dental cleaning Yorkie

Any owner of a Yorkshire terrier knows how these dogs energetic are but unfortunately they are prone to a lot of dental conditions. This happens because of the original anatomy of their teeth. The problem is their jaw is a bit narrow in some places and their teeth become overcrowded and compressed at the same time. It is one of the reasons why the most of dogs of this breed suffer from gum disease and tooth decay.

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Healthy Home, Happy Yorkie

    Preventive Care    January 4, 2016

Yorkie health at home

As dog lovers, we all know that our pets are irreplaceable members of our families – not to mention really adorable ones! But we also recognize that through no fault of their own, they also require us to take a few extra steps to help maintain the health of our home and family (Yorkie included!). Here are a few ways we can make sure our home is extra safe and clean for our two-legged and four-legged housemates:

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Symptoms of Separation Anxiety in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    December 6, 2015

Separation Anxiety

When you are going to buy a dog, you need to understand that your pet should not stay home alone for a long time. A Yorkie may really get depressed if staying without the owner and may even get a disease called separation anxiety. This disease may develop if you leave your Yorkie for long time periods. Yorkies are really sensitive dogs and the symptoms of this disease may really become vivid just after 30 minutes.

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Frequent Dental Problems in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    October 29, 2015

Dental Problems in Yorkies

One of the most frequent health issues that may be met in Yorkies is a problem with their dental health. Due to their small sizes, including the size of the jaw, Yorkies frequently suffer from teeth overcrowding. Seems that the problem is not so important but this condition may easily lead to the development of plague and as a result, you Yorkie will be suffering from periodontal disease.

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A Guide to Pet Insurance for Your Yorkshire Terrier

    Preventive Care    September 26, 2015

Investigating Insurance:

Pet parents today treat their pooches like four-legged members of the family, and Yorkshire Terrier lovers are no exception – we want to make sure that our petite little pups get lots of loving attention, as well as the very best of care when they’re sick or hurt. There’s one major issue that often rears its ugly head when our little dogs need to visit the vet, however – the problem of affordability.

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Watch out for the Weight of Your Yorkie

    Preventive Care    September 1, 2015

Your Yorkie

There are certain health conditions that are typical to small or toy breeds such as Teacup Yorkies. A lot of these health conditions are not really life threatening but may cause a lot of difficulties if left untreated for a long time. There are not so many diseases a Yorkie can get sick with but most of these diseases are also possible in dogs of other breeds.

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Yorkies may be Prone to Ear Infections

    Preventive Care    August 3, 2015

yorkie ears

Yorkie breeders consider that these toy breed dogs are really prone to infection and a lot of Yorkies have problem with ears. There are some rules how to treat ear infection in Yorkies and following them, you will have a chance to keep your dog in a perfect form. Ear infections that happen to dogs are usually called Otits Externa or in other words, infection that affects the outer ear.

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Keeping Coat of Your Yorkie in Perfect Condition

    Preventive Care    April 22, 2015

Coat of Yorkie

A coat is crucially important for the health of any Yorkie and all owners need to pay a lot of attention to it. It is one of the reasons why dogs are rather popular and grooming is an obligatory activity that needs to be performed rather frequently. Grooming is not just needed for a dog show but it also makes your dog feel confident and energetic.

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Teeth Cleaning to Prevent Gingivitis in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    March 25, 2015


Yorkshire terriers suffer from the same oral and dental health problems as humans do. They are predisposed to such dental conditions as gingivitis, bad breath and dental pain. If dog owners do not pay attention to the condition of the dog’s teeth, it is likely possible that your dog will suffer from dental plaque. In other words dental plaque is a substance that covers the dog’s teeth with a film and it is composed of bacteria and the related secretions.

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