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Leaving my Beloved Yorkie -Bonbon behind while travelling

    Share your Story    March 15, 2018

Leaving your Yorkie while on vacation

On November of last year, I took a well deserved vacation trip to Europe. It would be 30 days long and since I was going to stay in friend’s homes it was not possible to take Bonbon with me.

As you can imagine this was a main concern for me but on the other hand I needed and wanted to go back to the “old continent”.

It was quite challenging as to where and with whom I would leave him.

Bonbon is a member of my family, as I am sure your Yorkie is for you as well. The hardest decisions will be with whom or where to leave them when you travel.
The Yorkshire Terrier has been bred over centuries to be companion lap dogs. Wanting to be close to their owner and having a very close bond with his owner are inbred traits.

You want. I am sure for them to be safe and comfortable without you, which is why it’s best to plan ahead when possible.

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Some Useful Yorkie Tips from Khloe’s Mom

    Share your Story    August 6, 2015

Mini Yorkie in the park bench

Michelle shares very useful care tips for her girl Khloe.
Thanks Michelle!
I would love to share my experience with other Yorkie Lovers.

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Meet Ivy a Beautiful 3 lb Yorkie

    Share your Story    August 3, 2015

Toy Yorkie posing for photo

These photos and comment a from Marina.

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Meet Haley, a male, & Haley, a female, the loves of my life!

    Share your Story    July 8, 2015


This is the story and photos submitted by Betty about her beloved Yorkies…

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Gaping Hole in my Life…

    Share your Story    November 10, 2014

Yorkie Photos form our visitors

This is the story submitted by J.J Scolastice about his beloved  Izzy

“I am a disabled senior but still get around well enough to take good care of a gift that I pray may come my way.
I am not interested in breeding or showing my “blessing”. I just need to fill this gaping hole in me and my life. I have raised two Yorkies.

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