Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

Leaving my Beloved Yorkie -Bonbon behind while travelling

Leaving your Yorkie while on vacation
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On November of last year, I took a well deserved vacation trip to Europe. It would be 30 days long and since I was going to stay in friend’s homes it was not possible to take Bonbon with me.

As you can imagine this was a main concern for me but on the other hand I needed and wanted to go back to the “old continent”.

It was quite challenging as to where and with whom I would leave him.

Bonbon is a member of my family, as I am sure your Yorkie is for you as well. The hardest decisions will be with whom or where to leave them when you travel.
The Yorkshire Terrier has been bred over centuries to be companion lap dogs. Wanting to be close to their owner and having a very close bond with his owner are inbred traits.

You want. I am sure for them to be safe and comfortable without you, which is why it’s best to plan ahead when possible.

I considered 2 alternatives:

A dog hotel or boarding facility: This is a great alternative as long as you know it is reputable, has well maintained facilities and you have good references from customers. It is wise to ask around and also read reviews online. You should also consider visiting it, asking around to current customers and meeting with the owner or general manager. The downside is that they can be expensive, specially for 30 days of boarding. Also, even though good boarding facilities take xtra care seperating breeds by size, it is common for several dogs to be on the same area so if two alfa males share the same space, anything could happen.

A friend or family member: When possible it would be ideal to leave your Yorkie with someone you know, or who has been close to him or knows him before you leave him over. These angels are very sensitive and can get depressed or get anxious when separations occur. They can feel lonesome and abandoned.

After given lots of thoughts and talking to my son, who unfortunately could not care for him for his work schedule, I talked to a friend who had already taken care of him before, and Voila…finally it was all squared out.

Leaving your Yorkie while on vacation
Driving to my friend’s home. He knew…

Separation day…

I drove him to my friend’s home which is about an hour away form my. It is a beautiful house, with lots of back and front yard, and my friend’s mother lives in the house so he would have company all day long! Nevertheless she will have to leave Bonbon one whole day alone with her mother because of her work schedule. He was so sad when I went to drop him off, that I could hardly contain myself, but I knew she will take wonderful care of him, cuddle him, sleep with him and yes why not….spoil him Leaving your dog with a friend, family member or professional pet sitter is a great choice, if your dog is well behaved and is sociable. If your dog has behavioral problems it might not be the best option. Long good byes are not recommended, the dog might feel more anxious knowing that something is not as normal as an everyday good bye. Finally I said good by to him, my friend and hopped into the car feeling sad, sad, sad. It was a long drive home but at the same time I was excited to star my vacation.

During his stay

She walked him in the morning and yes, that made him a feel more adapted and better. By the third day it was all squared up in his new place with the schedule as close at to the one at home. Yorkshires usually suffer separation anxiety but it will go away after a few days.

He was sad about 3 days

It is important to leave a schedule of what is their normal daily routine, so that the pet sitter can follow it as much as possible. This will reduce their anxiety level and their sense of belonging. A nervous dog who is the only pet in a household – like Bonbon – will not feel secure in a very noisy social environment with lots of other dogs. Although we want and feel that our four legged creatures should be as happy as possible, the most important considerations are keeping your dog safe, and well cared for.

Once your dog establishes a good relationship with the trusted, friend/sitter, they may actually look forward to their own way of getting a vacation away from home.
That is the case with my Bonbon, whenever I go and visit the house where his sitter lives, he just feels “at home” going up to his favorite chair in the TV room, and staying by her all the time while I am visiting.

Finally coming back

The day before flying back home, I called my friend and she said Bonbon was by the door all the time, like if somehow he knew I was coming back soon. When leaving your beloved Yorkie, either with a friend or in a boarding facility, we want them to be happy but really the main concern should be for them to be safe and well taken care of.

Yorkie Separation anxiety
Back home!!


Final thoughts and important things to consider:

Your dog does not have the same concept of time as you do, whether you leave an hour, a day, or a month, they will greet you as if you had just left, the only thing important for them is that you are back.

So enjoy your trip, vacation or whatever the reason of your absence will be without feeling guilty or sad,
He will be there waiting for you with a waging tail as if you had just left for the day.

Leaving a detailed list of:

  • Medications if on any
  • Contact number available while away on your trip, or any other phone information of anyone that can be contacted if something might happen while you are away
  • Their bed/ favorite blanket and toy
  • Food, bones to shew on and treatsV
  • Veterinarian Name and phone number
  • Food and water plates
  • Collar, leash and sweater or rain coat if climate is cold.

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