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Are you wondering what pet fits my lifestyle?

Well, Getting a pet is a nerve-wracking experience. Apart from the cute and cuddles, you have to look into a bucket load of factors. If you do not do proper research before getting a pet – especially a dog – things can go south real fast. 

Dogs are a person’s best friend. But not every dog will be suited to your lifestyle and personality.

To get a good fit, get a dog that will be able to thrive in your home, ‘with’ you. You must match their energy levels.

Otherwise, you will end up entrapping a misfit dog in your abode. 


They do not play with toys or showpieces!

Forcing an active dog to a lazy lifestyle and vice versa will eventually be detrimental to the dog’s health. Even if you don’t have any ‘human’ cells in your body, try to consider the vet bills this misfit will generate. 

dog on man's shoulders

Are You New to Dogs?

Before choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle, make sure you know how to handle a dog. You must have witnessed people who put their pets upon adoption asking one main question. ‘Do you have experience with dogs as pets?

Many individuals find this question offensive. However, we strongly urge you to think otherwise. Trust me, dogs are nothing like cats. Cats are known for their independent nature. They have perfected their self-care regimens. Never have we seen a feline begging to open doors to do their business outside. 

Dog ownership is very demanding. You will need to put in countless hours of your day, especially when new to keeping dogs. People who currently have dogs or have had the experience of keeping them in the past know the requirements needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Research Dog Breeds

Do your homework!

There are numerous quizzes or polls you can opt online which help you pick dogs. As we mentioned before, bringing a dog into your home will have a huge shift in your lifestyle.

Things like your family, kids, home, and even your job will impact choosing the right dog for your family. 

What is my ideal dog breed?

The answer to this question is simple if you know ‘WHY’ are you getting a dog for yourself in the first place.

Is it a gift to your kid?

A guard dog for a challenged individual?

Are you getting a dog to add security or just a buddy to play around with?

There is a vast range of canines one can get, from German Shepherds to wee little chihuahuas. You cannot expect a Labrador to keep you safe or the ever-famous couch potato; a Bulldog to go on hikes with you. 

Research common types of breeds or visit your local vet and have an in-depth discussion. 

Purebred vs mixed

Animal lovers don’t care about what breed they get. They simply see a tiny soul in need of love and nourishment, and they get ready to offer it to them. However, for all the picky Peters out there, who go deep into the argument of Mixed vs Purebred, this one is for you. 

Generally, mixed breeds are sold for reasonable rates and are known to adapt to any habitat. However, Pure breeds are considered a luxury. It’s not a one-time investment with this breed. They may have a predictable temperament in contrast to the mixed ones. 

However, beware of the maintenance bills. To maintain their physical health and groom them, it will cost you major bucks!!

Are pure breeds that bad?

Not at all! There have been rumors about pure breeds being open to health problems. Well, in actuality, the ratio of both breeds getting diseases is almost the same. The catch is that you get a dog from a breeding expert. 

Breeding in itself is quite technical. The reason is the genetic technicalities. Proper experts make sure mixed breeds hail from healthy individuals from both sides and have dominant healthy traits. However, Pure breeds do come with the risk of inherited congenital diseases. The reason behind it is the constricted gene pool with which they have to stick to.

Large or small?

To each their own, but certain factors are specific to small and large dogs. When finding a dog breed to match your lifestyle, size matters. It has a huge impact on training efforts, lifestyle, health, and activity issues. 

Large Dogs

Who doesn’t love a Great Dane?

Large dogs are lovable over-sized teddy bears that you can bury your head into. They tend to have large litters, answering the question of many bigger breeds always available for adoption. These breeds are known to deliver naturally. Whereas the smaller ones mostly deliver through C-sections hence the higher breeding price tag. 

They are great at taking care and keeping watch. People with kids, do not miss your chance to adopt larger breeds. The intimidating size makes them excellent guardians for your little angels. Lastly, their relaxed state and accepting nature give them an upper hand. Larger breeds are excellent for long walks and all adventures outdoors. 

That’s not all!

They are so easy to train. They love to please their owners and tend to have the upper hand in temperament. 

However, they do cost a little more. Large size comes with a big appetite, healthier vet bills as handling is a tricky aspect in the doctor’s office. If you plan on traveling with your pet a lot, it’s better to get a smaller breed. Many hotels and stores do not allow breeds over 25 pounds! When it comes to society, it has it hard for our big teddy bears. People scare easily even if they jump in excitement.

If you have a huge heart, you will easily cater to the tonnage of love these dogs offer.

Small Dogs  

When it comes to choosing the right dog breed for your lifestyle, smaller breed’s rule. They are far more popular due to lower maintenance costs. Small size, smaller appetite, smaller vet bills. Handling these dogs is simpler too. The need for sedation, like that in larger dogs, isn’t necessary at all. When traveling, their boarding charges also cost way less than larger dogs. You will be welcomed with open arms in retail stores, as smaller breeds are considered lovable and timid. People with limited activity are perfect candidates for smaller breeds. Peoples who dwell in apartments and complexes love to get smaller breeds as they are easier to handle.

However, with small size comes great responsibility! If you have a habit of going to dog parks, you need to be on the lookout 24/7 as they are prone to getting injuries and getting bullied by the larger breeds. These firecrackers are packed with energy. Be ready for the day and night barking sagas as they have zero chills. 

You can easily curb the barking problems. Though let us warn you, if you delay the training process, they get difficult to train as they age. Lastly, they can be aggressive. They deal with their small demeanor by being assertive.

With all said, smaller breeds are still more likable. You can even treat them like a cat and train them to do their business in the litterbox! The possibilities are endless.

Is age a factor?

Well, yes and no. It all depends on one’s individuality. Many find it convenient to get a puppy once they start a family. This way, the kid and puppy both can form an everlasting bond. Don’t restrict yourself.

lady pick out a dog

Assess Your Own Habitat First 

When assessing how to select a pet dog, your own habitat has a large role to play! Is it an apartment, a house with a confined yard, or a large one? Is your abode surrounded by bustling city life or the quite rural?

Wait, there is more!

The weather where you live has a large impact, and specific breeds are fit for specific areas. You cannot expect a Husky to thrive in areas with heatwaves. In the same way, Chihuahuas and Greyhounds won’t bear cold and harsh weather too. 

Personality and Tolerance Go Hand in Hand.

Your temperament has a great part to play, my friend. Sure, all canines are lovable, but do you have what it takes to love them despite their flaws?

Factors that might clash with your tolerance include:

Shedding rates

Huskies are known to lose locks of hair. Are you a keen groomer or admire breeds that don’t require must maintenance. 

Barking and Howling

Well, dogs will bark. That is a fact. But how much are YOU ready to bear? People new to dogs may find even the least amount of barking a little unpleasant. They aren’t fish that swim in silence or cats that sleep for 12 hours a day.

You can always train your dog to bark less or when wanted. What you cannot control is the loudness. Make sure to have good communication with your neighbors too. They will be at the hearing end of your dog’s barking sessions as well!


When the season is nigh, get ready for some hormones! Dogs are infamous for humping anything that comes their way when they want to. You can always join groups or go to dog parks where they can release their hormonal frustrations. Neutering or spaying your dog may reduce the urges but never finishes it.

Dump Times 

Cats may have the edge in litter box training. Where cleaning and training sessions for you get much easier. Not the same for dogs, at least not the larger ones. Get ready for training sessions and open doors to let them do their business outside. 

smiling black dog

Dynamics Worth Looking Into 

Already got a pet with you?

You may have selected the best dog suited for your lifestyle, but what about your other babies? You need to be aware of the chances that your new dog may not like the present residents in your humble abode. 

Breeds that are great to consider if there are already other pets include:

  • Golden Retrievers
  • Cocker spaniels 
  • St. Bernard’s

These species are gentle, affectionate, confident in making new friends and settling in. 

Family Activity 

Family types also have an influence on picking your dog breed. 

Active Family 

A family that runs with active kids and a high-energy lifestyle is better suited to fun-loving dogs. Dogs like Labrador and Beagle are great choices. A senior or shy do may not be the best choice, but hey, even they can turn over a new leaf!


Long hours away from home do not bode well for dogs. They need attention and constant expression of love. If you have your heart set on getting a dog, then a previously trained adult dog may be your best bet. It will cost more as well, as you will need a dog-sitter, dog-walker to tend to their needs when you are absent. 

The Seniors

Dogs are popular health detectors. Many nursing homes are getting dogs to lift seniors’ spirits. Best to get them a senior dog. They tend to have a relaxed temperament and established behaviors, apart from low cost. 

How Much Are You Ready to Invest 

Financial investment isn’t all that is needed. Your physical, mental, and emotional presence is also vital in keeping them happy. Be ready to invest your time in vet visits, continuous training sessions, diet changes, and grooming trivia. 

‘But is it worth it?’


Having a dog is an extension of your family. You can rely on them to turn your gloomy, stressful day around, simply by the flick of their tail and goofy habits. You develop a spiritual connection with them. For the dogs, you are their entire universe. They put their entire faith and trust in you, for that the investment you make is so worth it. Not to forget the reduced suicide rates noticed between dog owners suffering from anxiety or clinical depression. 

Is Life tough?

A dog might make it right.

So, we hope this article helped you find a dog breed to match your lifestyle. Good luck!



two men with two dogs

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