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Yorkies are really popular for their small sizes and the ability to change the colors of their fur. It’s an interesting fact that all Yorkie puppies have the same two colors when they are born but, when they get older, they usually change their colors. The most frequent colors of their fur are black and tan but, of course, there are some exceptions.

Some Yorkies may have more tan than black fur. But there are cases when Yorkie puppies may be born with just one color. Dog owners notice that when a Yorkie is born it may look completely black but, if you start inspecting its fur, you will be able to find some places of the tan color. With age, Yorkie puppies may develop four colors of fur. In most cases, you will be able to find black, gold, blue and tan. If you spend a lot of time with your Yorkie it is rather difficult to notice how colors change.Peculiarity of Yorkies

It happens so gradually and this process may only be noticed with the help of pictures you take. As was mentioned before, this deep black fur is gradually becoming lighter but there is no one particular tendency in how Yorkies change their fur. That is why adult Yorkies have more distant colors of their fur and they become lighter. The thing is that the color of Yorkie’s head may be different from the color of the body.

For example, heads are usually colored in gold but the bodies generally have colored in blue. It is not the blue color we are used to and in most cases, it looks like silver-gray.



At the age of three years old, the colors of your Yorkie will not change with time. That is why you need to consider this particularity when you choose a Yorkie puppy. It may be rather surprising how your pet will change in colors.

Photo by Schatz [CC BY 2.0], undefined