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Allergies on Yorkies: Causes and Treatment

    Breed 101, Common Conditions    July 12, 2018

Yorkie allergy treatment

I have been trying to minimize Bonbon’s allergies for some time. Specially during Spring and Summer time, pollen is a real issue and it affects humans and dogs as well, and so much so Bonbon. When dealing with allergies, you can treat the symptoms but it is hard, nearly impossible, to cure them.

There are different types of allergies that may come and go with the season. Sometimes dogs can grow into or out of allergies. I remember Bonbon never suffered any allergic symptoms until a few years ago, when he turned 6 years. Although it takes some effort and time, allergies can be reduced with persistence and patience.

Allergies might occur caused by:

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Can a Yorkie be a working dog?

    Breed 101    May 31, 2017

Yorkie with superman costume

Well known as friendly companions and adorable lap warmers, the Yorkshire Terrier is a popular breed of dog. However, they were not always bred to solely be family pets. Working class men in Northern England developed this breed of dog specifically to catch and dispatch rodents as they were a growing problem. This work ethic that the Yorkie was bred with still carries over today to our household pets.

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Choosing a Yorkie Puppy or a Veteran Yorkie as Your Pet

    Breed 101, Yorkie Adoption and Foster Care    February 26, 2016

Bonbon Yorkie at Chruch

When choosing a Yorkie puppy as your pet, you need to pay attention to specific characteristics. First of all you need to pay attention to the health of puppies and if you see that some of them behave in a different way, you need to exclude them from your choice as if a puppy is a bit ill, it will be rather hard to train. Besides, these toy breeds are prone to health issues and it is rather important to choose the healthiest one.

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Get Prepared for Hiking with your Yorkie

    Breed 101    July 23, 2015

hiking with your Yorkie

A lot of people like hiking and there are numerous reasons for that. Some people do it because it is a part of their fitness routine or they would like to feel harmony with the nature. And, they would like to share this pleasure with the dogs. But, you need to take into account the fact that different dogs were bred for different purposes. For example, German Shepherds are popular police dogs while pointers are considered to be great hunters.

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Purebred or Non-Purebred Yorkies some Tips

    Breed 101    July 18, 2015

Non-Purebred Yorkies

There are a lot of Yorkies for sale but it is rather difficult to define whether a Yorkie is purebred or not. There are some recommendations for those who want to breed Yorkies and are interested in the best representatives of these dogs. Before spending any money, you need to carefully examine a dog and consider physical characteristics.

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Best Ways to Trim a Yorkshire Terrier’s Face

    Breed 101    June 29, 2015


If you are an owner of a Yorkshire terrier then you know how hard it is to maintain its style. It requires a lot of attention and care. It takes a lot of effort to groom one compared to other dogs. It requires a lot of time to clean the Yorkie, trim its hair, and then style them. Even the face of the Yorkie requires a lot of attention.

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A Male or Female Yorkshire Terrier, What to Pick?

    Breed 101    June 3, 2015

Female Yorkshire Terrier

When it is your first time to buy a Yorkshire terrier, one of the decisions you need to make is to get whether a male or female Yorkie. There are specific characteristics that male and female Yorkshire terriers have. These traits can help you make the smart decision when getting a Yorkie.

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Making Your Home Safe for Yorkie

    Breed 101    May 30, 2015


It is great when you take a decision to get your first Yorkie. It is like getting a new member of your family and a lot of care should be provided. The first thing you need to do is to make your home a comfortable place for your pet. Your house is supposed to be safe and you will need to get the basis supplies your pet will need. It is a great responsibility and you should not think that feeding is the only thing you will need to do.

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Color Changes in Yorkies

    Breed 101    February 2, 2015

Peculiarity of Yorkies

Yorkies are really popular for their small sizes and the ability to change colors of their fur. It’s an interesting fact that all Yorkie puppies have the same two colors when they are born but, when they get older, they usually change their colors. The most frequent colors of their fur are black and tan but, of course, there are some exceptions.

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Yorkies are Perfect for People Suffering from Allergies

    Breed 101    December 5, 2014

Yorkies Perfect

If you are suffering from mild and severe allergic reactions, then it is rather difficult to find a dog breed that will not cause any allergy symptoms. The first dog to consider is the Yorkshire terrier. They can become ideal pets for those ones that suffer from acute allergy symptoms but you should not forget about the proper precaution. Yorkies are mostly considered to be hypoallergenic dogs but at the same time they are not allergen free.

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