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We care about our dogs so much that we are ready to spend money on their food, medical care, grooming, and other needs in order to keep them happy and healthy.

Nevertheless, in addition to these necessities, dog owners must properly train their canines and teach them fundamental commands.

To make your dog more active and well-behaved, you must put your pet in Dog training classes that stimulate the mind and promotes obedience and discipline.

Not to mention that it is a fruitful technique to improve the bond between people and pets even further. You should be aware of a number of dog obedience training facts, but the following are some fundamental instructions you should teach your dog.

Identifying Names

Discipline should be ingrained starting with this. If you approach your dog appropriately, it will be simpler to teach those commands and exercises. If your dog looks at you when you call their name that is a clear indication that they understand how to respond. When they succeed, don’t forget to show them some love or affection.

Leave It or Don’t

You might not want your dog to eat something that might be difficult for him to digest. A command like “No” or “Leave It” is helpful in this situation. Start by holding sweets in both hands.

To get your dogs to lick or sniff at the goodie, move the first hand or treat gradually toward their faces. Then, instruct them to “leave it” or “no.” Never give your dog the first treat that comes out of your hand.


Start this command by giving your dog a collar and leash. Pull your dog’s leash gently in your direction while keeping them some distance apart, then command them to come.

Give your dog a treat, some praise, or some affection as soon as they manage to approach you. Repeat this exercise until your dog has mastered it.

Lie Down or Go Down

Given that your dog must remain docile during this activity, it can be a little difficult. Give your dog a treat to carry out this command. Your dog’s nose and face should be carefully approached while holding the reward in your closed fist. Move your hand slowly toward the ground as your dog inspects the item before letting them follow.

Your dog will eventually lie down if you keep moving your hand along the floor. The ideal time to issue the “down” command is when they are already down. Give your dog a reward or give them praise for their good behavior. Once they have mastered it, repeat this practice.

Drop It and Take It

When your dog extends their mouth and shows a willingness to grab or catch the thing, give the command “take it” to initiate the action. After giving them some time to play with the first thing, gradually introduce a second object that is exactly like the first one.

Your dog will move toward and grasp the second thing if it gives the idea that it has equal value to both. Give the instruction to “drop it” once your dog has dropped the first one. When your dog catches or takes the second thing, say the command “take it.” Reward your dog for good behavior and repeat the exercise until it becomes second nature.


Put a goodie in your palm and move it down and forward in the direction of your dog’s nose. Your dog will stand up after you advance your hand in the same direction that the treat is being held. Give your dog a goodie or praise after telling them to “stand.”

No matter where we are, we always want to cherish our relationships with our canine companions. To solve any behavioral issues and guarantee a healthy and content companion, get the best dog training in Singapore to get these fundamental commands.