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Yorkies are undoubtedly some of the cutest dogs out there and they make such great pets. And, if you’re a dog parent, you most definitely know the need for the best dog toys. After all, you gotta keep those puppies occupied. You will find that having the right Yorkie toys will make all the difference with your Yorkie dogs.

Let’s take a detailed look at toys for your dogs to play with:

You Can Play With These 6 Yorkie Toys

1. Teething Toys for Your Yorkie

Most of the problems pet owners have with their teething Yorkies may be avoided with the appropriate toys and the right approach.

Typically, teething in Yorkshire Terriers begins between the ages of 3 and 4 months and lasts until the age of 7 to 9 months. There will be times when the itching is unbearable, and other times when the discomfort is little. The desire to ease a teething dog is intense when the animal is in the throes of the ordeal.

Puppies will try teething on almost everything, and if a toy isn’t quite right, they’ll disregard it. Use your Chrome browser to search for these online and you are likely to find a great one. This Yorkie toy will save your belongings from being ripped apart.

2. Treat Toys

Treat dispensing toys are ideal for Yorkies with working owners/parents that want to keep their Yorkies happy when they aren’t at home or away for a vacation. These are great for offering a much-needed snack and also help ease some of that separation anxiety in your pups.

A good treat toy should ideally have the following qualities:

  • Sized appropriately. This is a crucial aspect of this kind of toy. The vast majority are made for canine giants. Thankfully, there are several that are particularly well-suited to this breed.
  • As each dog becomes more practiced with the Yorkie toy, it will develop a unique strategy for extracting treats from it. It’s a good idea to have at least one that lets you set the difficulty level.
  • There isn’t much point in buying a toy if it breaks after a few weeks.
  • To be cleaned with minimal effort. These are meant to be stuffed with kibble (more on that later), so they should be simple to clean afterward.

3. Collaboration Toys

Want to play with your Yorkie? Well, there are the best dog toys that can be used for this purpose too so you two can have the best time together. Yorkies are known for their need for attention and are really good at playing with owners so these Yorkie toys are definitely one of the best things to have for your dog.

Try dog puzzles, fetch toys, balls, and hide-and-seek toys are some of the best ones that you can invest in to have some quality time with your little puppy.

4. Companion Toys

Whether we like it or not, our work and social commitments mean that our Yorkies will have to stay at home most of the time without us. This can give them anxiety and make them sick. There are actual companion toys that can help with this. In addition to giving them these toys to get used to and attached with.

You can do other things like keeping your Yorkie in a nice playpen, which helps foster feelings of safety and security via a ‘den,’ experiment with a window vs. non-window view, play music specially designed to keep dogs calm, do not display typical signals that you are ready to leave, do not head straight over for hugs and kisses when you get home, and so on.

5. Interactive Toys

These Yorkie toys are all the rage because they stimulate brain development and instruction-following ability in your Yorkies. These usually aren’t available in every region but you can easily order these from around the globe using a good VPN Chrome extension that can open up any website in your region and you can order your favorite toy easily.

A good VPN for the Chrome browser can help you protect your data from outsiders when joining these websites and also ensure you can access content from any corner of the world. You can try VeePN to achieve this.  It also comes with a free trial that you can try before getting the paid version for your frequent shopping needs.

6. Chew Toys

Yorkies are very fond of chewing at almost every age. Even when they’re past their teething stage, a good Yorkie toy will be a chew toy for them to play with. Dogs like to nibble on things frequently and it’s best to get them a toy instead of overfeeding them. Chew toys help them relieve stress when their owners aren’t visible and are great for passing their time by doing something non-destructive.


Yorkies are playful little creatures that need constant attention so it’s important you invest in a good VPN extension for your browser. This is so you can have access to all the different kinds of toys out there that can help these dogs relieve stress and enjoy their time alone.

Please be careful when you choose your toys so they are safe and your pets don’t end up choking on them.