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Any owner of a Yorkie will always tell you that your dog should have the right weight. You should not close your eyes if your Yorkie looks a bit fluffy. You should not look for reasons why the dog looks like that saying that your dog has big bones. You need to assess the body condition of your dog and try maintaining the right weight of your pet.

Weight directly corresponds with the health of your Yorkie and as a result if your Yorkie is between 4 or 7 pounds then you may state that he is in a good condition and healthy.

In case you do not have a scale at home than there are certain guidelines that may help you define the proper condition of your dog.

Overweight Yorkie Nutrition

If your dog follows the proper diet, then you will not feel ribs and spine of your dog. But, if you notice that the waist of your dog starts disappearing than it is a sign that your dog has some extra ounces. If you see that you dog is gaining weight, you need to extend the time of your walks and you should reduce the number of dog treats. If you see that your dog is losing weight, then it is better to reduce the time of your walks and give it an extra biscuit any time possible.

It is rather hard to control the weight of your Yorkie. That is why if you have any doubts or questions, it is better to address your veterinarian and to define what is right for your pet. There are cases when you dog may lose weight very fast. Then it could be a sign of a disease which should be treated as soon as possible. If you want your dog to be healthy, try to exclude any human food from the diet. Considering Yorkies, you need to choose food which is designated for small breeds.