Prevent Your Yorkie from Overweight

yorkie fat

A lot of Yorkies are prone to become overweight and a lot depends on the owners who do not pay attention to calories their Yorkies consume during the day. If you see that your pet is gaining weight, you need to take certain measures to prevent this health condition as it would be really difficult and stressful for your dog to lose weight. Sharing your food with the dog is number one problem that can cause overweight and you need to stop it immediately as soon as you notice certain signs.

You need to know that dogs do not have a feeling of a full stomach and they will eat as much as they see in front of them. There are certain ways to control the weight of your Yorkie and following certain rules, you prevent your Yorkie from gaining too much weight. Try using small meals for your dog instead of feeding once a day. The stomach will digest all the food at the right speed and the blood sugar level will not increase suddenly.yorkie fat

This will also prevent accumulation of too much acid. Decrease the number of treats for your dog as if you feed it for several times a day, your pet will not feel hungry. You will also have a chance to prepare healthy food for your Yorkie and there are a lot of recipes that may be used to provide your pet with the proper number of calories a day.

Increasing a number of veggies will be really beneficial for your dog. Using carrots and potatoes will be a great choice. Besides, you need to cook rice for your dog twice a week. You should exclude salt or spices when you cook it.


Controlling the weight of your Yorkie will help you prevent your pet from numerous diseases such as diabetes and heart conditions.

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