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Yorkshire terrier is one of the small breeds that don’t go over seven pounds as mature adults. It is a breed that is known for its small stature. Healthy Yorkshire terriers are between three and five pounds.

Because of their small proportions, a Yorkie is known as a lap dog and gets lots of loving owners who love to feed the dog treats when they don’t get enough exercise.

That is why a lot of Yorkshire terriers become overweight. When they are overweight, the dogs can suffer from health conditions. Underweight small breeds can suffer from daily activities. That’s why it is vital to maintain the good health of a Yorkshire terrier and help sustain the correct weight all the time.

How to Determine the Right Weight for a Yorkie?Determining weight of a Yorkie

To determine whether the Yorkshire Terrier has the right weight, place him on top of a table. Yorkies are short and it is advisable to probe them while standing on top of the table. This way you’ll be able to examine the dog in an objective manner. If you are sitting or bending down, the dog will move around.

Place your hands on the side of the Yorkshire terrier. Then place them just below the neck and down the sides. You must run your fingers beneath the hair instead of over them. That way you can sense the ribs. If you can’t sense any bones or every rib is protruding, then you have a weight problem.

Press on the midsection of the Yorkie. If you can’t feel it then the dog is overweight. Look for indentations at the dog’s waist. If the indentation is clear then the Yorkie is underweight. If you can’t feel it then one is overweight for his size.

If you have any concerns about your pet, consult a veterinarian. Dramatic weight loss or gain can indicate health problems.


Creative Commons Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic License   Photo by  thepeachpeddler