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When you finally buy that Yorkie-poo, you have to take care of your new pet just like you would a baby. You have to take your time to teach it the basics. Yorkies are an excellent option for many people because they are easy to care for, have a high life expectancy, and are very easy to laugh at.

Most people who own a Yorkie might not even realize they’re not giving their pet the proper attention it deserves. For example, do you know what your Yorkie likes to drink? This article is all about how to care for your Yorkie.

Feeding Guidelines for Yorkie

The best thing you can do for your dog’s health is to feed him high-quality food. Read the instructions on pet food. Choose a combination that includes meat as one of the first two ingredients. You can consult your vet for a product recommendation for your dog. Some meals are designed to keep bacteria from sticking to the teeth and forming plaque. You can also look for a smaller kibble to help your dog get the feed into its tiny mouth. You have to ensure that your Yorkie always has access to fresh, clean water.

Give your Yorkie free-feed meals for the first three months of their life without reducing their consumption when they are being weaned. Continue until your Yorkie weighs at least 2.5 pounds, the minimum weight requirement for scheduled meals. Once he gets to a year old, he will thrive on three modest meals spread throughout the day.

This planned feeding plan can be followed throughout the rest of your Yorkie’s life, though it can be tweaked to suit your Yorkie’s preferences.

Grooming Guidelines for Yorkie

If your dog has longer hair, comb it daily to prevent matting. If you keep your Yorkie’s hair short, search him once a week. Combing your dog’s coat will prevent tangles and maintain its health.

Making grooming a pleasurable and rewarding experience for your Yorkie is one of the most rewarding feelings and you can make it go as smoothly as possible. You have to make sure that their paws are cleaned regularly to prevent sensitivities from developing over time, and the pros at suggests that while they’re young, you can use a toothbrush as a toy so they feel more engaged in the process, until they grow used to it. Make grooming a fun and enjoyable experience by giving them a snack that they love most.

A bath is only required every three to four weeks for your Yorkie. Bathing more regularly may cause his skin to become overly dry. Use only dog shampoo and thoroughly rinse away all shampoo and conditioner. Any residue might cause itching and skin problems.

Training Guidelines for Yorkie

Because Yorkies have a high sensitivity to extreme temperatures, going outside may not be possible, and it is recommended that you paper/pad train them. If you find it challenging to train your pup, there are trainers available that specialize in this area that can guide you on how to do this right. Yorkies happen to be intelligent dogs and they’re quite impressive when it comes to learning all the tricks and many obedience trials, particularly if the process is enjoyable.

When your Yorkie gets older, they can be taught to ring bells or sit in front of the door to indicate that they need to go outdoors. The affordable beginner training package includes doorbells, a treat bag, and other items to help you train your Yorkie at home. It is essential to know the type of behavior you may expect from your Yorkie as a puppy and as an adult, and the best ways to deal with behavioral difficulties.

yorkie grooming

You’re probably well aware of the endless care requirements if you’re a Yorkie owner. With each day comes new things that your Yorkie needs – from making sure that he has fresh water and food to brushing his teeth, using the potty, and much more.

But these are the things that owners often forget about, putting their dogs at risk of various health problems. Hopefully, these simple dog care tips will help owners learn how to create a healthier, happier environment for their pets.