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Every single dog loves playing outside. They roll around in the mud, splash puddles, and explore filthy areas. And so it doesn’t matter how well-trained, well-bred, or well-mannered your pet is; you’ll need the best dog paw washer to keep them clean.

Even if you don’t mind a bit of mud, your carpets do. They won’t look nice with brown spots here and there. Additionally, unclean paws track dirt all over the house and foster the growth of various illnesses.

But beyond that, your pet’s own health is also at risk if its paws are dirty. For example, your dog will be susceptible to yeast infections which cause extreme discomfort.

Dog owners often think a paw washer is a waste of money when the exact opposite is true. These products are a godsend. They protect you and your canine friend from illness and keep you both sparkling clean.

What Are Dog Paw Washers?

Dog Paw Washers

A dog paw washer is the most efficient, safe, and quick way to clean your pet. It’s a small device that washes your pet’s feet before it comes inside the house. The specific mechanism varies from company to company, but the general idea is that a water reservoir works in conjunction with soft bristles to remove dirt lodged in tight places.

You place one of your dog’s paws in the reservoir and trigger the bristles. Once cleaned, you can dry it with a towel, but that isn’t necessary. Then move to the other paw.

Some dog owners add soap to the dog paw washer. It adds fragrance and fun, colorful bubbles to the mix, which create a more pleasurable experience. However, this is completely optional. In fact, some owners prefer using simple water.

The last thing you should know about this product is where to place it. A few manufacturers design their products in a way that they fit best by a door. Too big to be moved around, it’s better to allocate them a permanent position.

On the other hand, there are quite a few smaller and more portable options too. These are ideal for walks and traveling.

4 Best Dog Paw Washers

So you know that getting a dog paw washer is important, but which one do you buy? There are hundreds of options, and each seems to be promising the same thing. Luckily for you, we’ve tried out most of them and, after a rigorous shortlisting process, picked the best four.

SKI Innovations Paw Boss

The SKI Innovations Paw Boss made it to our list of the best dog paw washers for a number of reasons. One of them is that it uses multiple reservoirs. Where other products have you clean both paws in the same tank, this one allows you to use clean and fresh water for each one.

Another great thing about it is that it removes almost all fungi and bacteria when used with antibacterial soap. With one of the best percentages, 99.9% for fungi and 99.5% for bacteria, there is little room for competition in terms of health benefits.

Beyond that, this paw washer has a straightforward mechanism. The learning curve is almost non-existent, with owners reporting that they got used to it without any difficulty.

The last notable feature of this product is its scrub brush. It is the best tool for removing caked-on dirt, which makes the SKI Innovations Paw Boss incredibly efficient.

SKI Innovations Paw Boss Wash for Dogs

The Doggie Dipper

The Doggie Dipper is the only dog washer on this list that comes in one universal size. It works for all breeds, so if you have multiple pets across different sizes, this is the perfect product for you.

Unlike other paw washers, this one both washes and dries your dog’s feet. While the latter isn’t a necessary process, it is quite convenient. Not only can you avoid purchasing a towel and running after your pet in the hopes of wiping its feet, but you also don’t need to deal with wet paw prints across sofas and other furniture.

The Doggie Dipper also has very soft bristles, which are perfect for sensitive paws. This is particularly important because so many companies ignore the very real problem of rashes and redness associated with stiff bristles.

Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

Paw Plunger for Dogs

The Paw Plunger is super easy to operate. It is shaped like a mug and can be carried around with you on walks and while traveling. All you need to do is fill it with water, place your dog’s paw in it, and spin it around – the bristles will do the rest.

This product makes our list of the best dog paw washers because of its unique and special features. It has been designed to stay upright and avoid spilling, has a cap that allows you to fill it with water before you leave the house, and is available in different sizes and colors.

You can choose from large, medium, and petite sizes. And then pick one from royal blue, black, or pink. This product is in high demand and so if you’re interested in getting one, do it right now, or you may not get the chance to do so again.

The Muddy Paw Cleaner for Dogs

Dexas Petware Mudbuster Portable Dog Paw Cleaner

The Dexas dog paw cleaner is one of the simplest washers on the market. It’s on the smaller side and comes in three sizes. You can choose one according to your pet’s breed and requirements.

Available in green, pink, and blue, you can pick whichever one matches your house decor the most. You could also just make the decision based on which one you like the best.

The bristles are made from Silicone which is super effective in cleaning your dog. It is also a gentle material so your pet won’t have to deal with any discomfort. And the BPA-free plastic is an excellent precautionary measure for when your pet tries to bite the washer.

Beyond all the excellent features, the Dexas paw cleaner stood out for us because it doesn’t falsely advertise to its customers. If they promise a certain feature or end result, you can be assured that they’ll meet it.

Dexas MudBuster Portable Dog Paw Washer

What to Look for in a Dog Paw Washer

There is a recurring theme in the descriptions of the products listed above. And the repeating features are exactly what you need to look for in a paw washer.

Soft Bristles or Brushes

Brushes and bristles are essential considerations when looking for a washer since it removes dirt and mud stuck on your pet’s paws. The best materials are soft plastic, rubber, and Silicone. They’re all gentle and ensure your dog will have a pleasant experience.

If the bristles are too rough, your dog will be in discomfort and may even have to deal with rashes. So it’s important that you avoid them.

A Water-Tight Lid

Portable washers should have a water-tight lid so you can avoid spillage. Not having one is asking for a disaster. Because while you can purchase a washer without a lid and carefully place it in your backseat, there are simply so many situations in which it can go wrong.

For example, if there is a bump in the road or if your pet decides to have a sip of the water, you’ll lose most of the liquid, and it’ll be useless when you actually need it.

Ergonomic Design

Your pet won’t always be open to the idea of a paw washer. Sometimes they will be hostile towards it, and an easy-to-use machine will make sure your task is as easy as possible in such times.

Pick a product that will hold your dog’s paw comfortably and doesn’t require a lot of effort to work. Intricate and complicated mechanisms should always be avoided.

Made in the USA

Paw washers manufactured in the United States are almost always of higher quality than those made in China or any other country across the globe. Companies based in the US are subject to specific standardizations and cater to a consumer base that only accepts products that meet a particular standard.

You may have to pay a bit more for these products, but it is worth the extra money in terms of durability and quality.

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Keeping Your Pup’s Paws Clean 

If you have been trying to keep your dog’s paws clean by not letting them become dirty, that is an excellent strategy, though it may not always work. In case this hasn’t been working for you, here are some excellent suggestions for keeping your puppy’s paws clean:

Get Dog Booties

Dog booties will make it easy to keep your dog’s paws clean. Additionally, they will also keep your dog’s paws safe from rough terrain or hot asphalt. You can choose from some very adorable designs and attractive colors.

Avoid Muddy Places

If you can just keep your dog away from muddy areas, his paws will remain cleaner. While it sounds simple, it is not. And while it is very hard to remove sand, dirt, and snow from your dog’s paws, mud is the hardest to remove.

Keep Your Dog Away From Puddles

If your dog’s feet become wet, more and more debris will get stuck to them. The best way to avoid this is to gently guide him away from wet grass and puddles when you go for a walk. This is really important because puddles contain numerous bacteria and organisms that you must save your dog from.

Stay Away From High-Traffic Areas And Parking Lots

Parking areas and roads with heavy traffic have gunk, grit, and grime that can form a layer over your dog’s paws. In addition to these substances, there may also be broken glass, lots of nails, and many more hazardous objects that can be very harmful to your dog’s feet. It is wise to avoid these places as much as possible.

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DIY Paw-Cleaning Solutions

Although many people prefer using commercial paw cleaners because they are easier to use, quite effective, and well worth the expense, you can also choose from some very simple DIY methods that are effective to a certain extent. However, none of the DIYs work as successfully as the commercial dog paw cleaners.

Two Towels

To wipe off your dog’s feet, first, use a damp towel, and then switch to dry one to dry them off. You will find this to be a very easy and quick way to clean your dog’s feet. It is a good option if your dog is comfortable with you touching his feet. However, it is not very convenient to carry around two towels, and washing the towels each time you use them may be tedious too.

You could also use disposable paw wipes and wipe your dog’s feet when he returns from a frolic in the mud.

A Dedicated Water Dish or Cup

Commercial dog paw washers are generally special cups that can hold some water. You can easily use a plastic cup to make a suitable facsimile. To make it more effective, place a brush with soft bristles inside; however, that appears to be a whole lot of effort just to avoid spending a very small amount of money. It may make you happier to simply buy a commercial paw washer.

Scrub Brushes

You can also clean your dog’s feet with a soft brush and some water. You do need to make sure that the brush has very soft bristles so that your puppy’s feet are not harmed. However, an appropriate brush may not cost less than an actual and functional paw washer that is likely to do the cleaning in a much better way.

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No matter how disciplined a dog is, it will always end up playing in the mud and tracking it inside the house. This unfortunate reality has led to the growth of a new market in the doggie niche that puts out paw washers.

There are a few notable features you should keep an eye out for when purchasing one. But just to make your life easier, we’ve found you the cream of the crop. Each of the dog paw washer listed above has all the necessary features and something unique about it.

Good luck with your paw-washing adventure!