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You already know that as the months go on, your Yorkie’s coat can get long. When they’re puppies, their coats are so easy to maintain, but once that hair starts to grow out, you could be looking at floor-length hair before you know it.

Cute Yorkie Hairstyles for Your Dog

There are lots of reasons that you should give your Yorkie regular haircuts, for example, shedding issues, hygiene, and temperature control to name a few. 

So, a common internal debate that at some point we all face is this: how long should we keep our Yorkies’ hair? What are the cutest haircuts for Yorkies, and do they make Yorkie hair products specifically? 

Well, in this article, we’re going to walk you through all the ins and outs of maintaining your Yorkie’s coat, ensuring that they’re adorable, but also comfortable.  We’ll also discuss what’s in, and what’s out.

Without further ado, let’s get into it!

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Are Yorkie Coats Hard to Maintain? 

Yorkie HairIt’s no secret that Yorkie owners might have a bit more on their plate, caring for a smaller dog breed.

On top of this, they can grow a ton of hair, unlike other dogs—which is actually great for shedding purposes.

The reason that Yorkies are generally considered hypoallergenic is that their hair isn’t the same as your typical dog’s coat; it is somewhat similar to human hair. 

Just like your own hair, your Yorkie’s coat doesn’t stop growing, but that can be remedied with a simple (or stylish) haircut. 

In general, the answer to this question is both yes and no, as it’s a bit harder to maintain the Yorkie’s coat. However, this can be extra fun once you find out all the exciting options for Yorkie haircuts!

So, make sure you’re paying attention to your Yorkie’s hair, or it could potentially get tangled and messy, and no one wants that. You can also explore and learn to cut your Yorkie’s hair yourself using a complete grooming kit specially made for dogs.

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Best Yorkie Haircut Styles for Easy Care

Either way, you shouldn’t be intimidated by hair care for Yorkies, it’s not so bad! The thing is, you can choose certain hairstyles for your Yorkie that require much less upkeep in the grand scheme of things.

In general, shorter cuts are classic and last for much longer before your pup needs a trim again. So, if you’re looking for the best haircuts for Yorkies that won’t need much maintenance, we’ve got you covered. 

Below, we’ll detail a few cute cuts that will last, growing out nicely in the meantime. Your Yorkie will love these too!

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Yorkie Summer Cut: The Hot-Weather Yorkie Hairdo

Yorkie Summer Cut

This Yorkie haircut is uber-popular, especially in the spring and summer months. It’s easy to maintain, adorable, and keeps your dog cool when it gets really hot out. 

Yup, it’s the classic summer cut! While this type of cut isn’t limited to just Yorkies, it benefits them immensely because of how their hair grows so quickly. In fact, this style is basically a long buzz cut, so their insulation won’t be completely lost.

However, remember to keep your dog protected from the sun with dog sun visors, as this cut can reduce their natural hair barrier from UV rays. 

When you take your Yorkie to the groomer, you should ask for the summer cut explicitly, specifying the length you want them to cut it to. Make sure you and your groomer are in agreement before they break out the trimmer!

It’s completely up to you if you want any styling for your dog’s facial fur, or if you want the coat to be trimmed all the way down the legs.

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The Puppy Cut: A Cute and Easy Yorkie Haircut

Puppy Cut

The next low-maintenance haircut for Yorkies is affectionately called the “puppy cut.” This cut is similar to the summer cut, but it adds a little bit more of a youthful effect to your playful pup regardless of age!

This haircut is basically where the groomer will use the same length everywhere to trim your Yorkie’s hair. They usually use a length a bit higher than the summer cut for the body and might do a bit of styling around the face to accentuate the natural curves. 

All in all, this is one of the cutest cuts your Yorkie could have! Another benefit is that when it comes time to wash your dog, a haircut this short will ensure that there are no tangles, minimal mats, and easy cleaning. 

At the groomers’, you can decide how long you want the puppy cut to be. So owners opt for a longer version for style, however, we’d recommend going shorter so it lasts longer. 

After all, if you go on the shorter side with a bit of face trimming, eventually it will grow out to a length that is completely cute, soft, and cuddly. 

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Teddy Bear Cut: A Short-but-Cuddly Yorkie Haircut

Teddy Bear Cut

One more haircut for Yorkies that will ensure low-maintenance aftercare is the Teddy bear cut. You’ve probably seen this cut on Yorkies walking down the street, as it’s super popular with owners who like a little bit of flair. 

Also, who wouldn’t love their little pup to look like a cuddly little teddy bear?

Basically, this cut is generally short. But, it leaves a little bit more hair around certain areas, mainly the head and face, to help the dog stay a little bit warmer on average.  

This cut will generally leave your dog’s coat pretty uniform, perhaps 2-3 inches long. This is just enough to let your dog conserve heat, and also look incredibly adorable. 

While this haircut for Yorkies generally means more groomer trips and length maintenance, it’s still on the lower end of the spectrum in the effort department. 

With a Teddy bear cut, you won’t regret it at all. Especially as you and your pup approach the cold winter months, it’s always a great choice. 

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Other Cute Yorkie Haircuts

Now that you know the basic low-maintenance cuts for your sweet Yorkie, we still have a couple more nice coat styles to share. 

These chic Yorkie haircuts require a tad more effort to upkeep than the ones listed above, but they each have great benefits in both style and comfort. 

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The Westie Cut

If you know what a Western Terrier is, you might already know that your Yorkshire has the option to borrow their look! This is a cute haircut that emulates the coat length of the other breed, and it’s insanely cute. 

Generally, the hair will be left medium-to-long, which might require the occasional effort to clear knots and tangles.

The Show Cut

And now, for the hairstyle we’ve all been waiting for: the show cut. If your Yorkie is pampered, you already know this could be the look for them. 

This floor-length hairstyle is what you’ve seen in dog shows, and it can be very beautiful. Just remember, if you choose the diva cut for your Yorkie, be ready to maintain it at all costs! 

Westie Cut Yorkie Show Trim

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Easy Yorkie Hair Care Tips & Tricks

And, there you have it! We hope you liked our list of the best haircuts for Yorkies.

Before you leave us, we want to make sure that you know the most important pillars of Yorkie care. There is lot to know about Yorkie hair maintenance, so here’s how to maximize the beauty for as long as possible.  

Regular Bathing

Among owners, it can be hard to remember to bathe Yorkies as frequently as you should. After all, they’re generally inside breeds, only going out mostly on a leash.

Still, they’re very capable of picking up dirt and dust like other animals with long-hair coats. Think about how dirty your own hair could get if you were to roll around outside! It’s similar to dogs, which makes this all the more important.  

So, it’s very important that you give your pup regular baths, using dog shampoo and conditioner. With a good bath regimen, your furry friend’s coat will stay shiny and healthy. 

Before and After Yorkie HaircutRegular Brushing and Grooming 

After you give your Yorkie one of its regular baths, there are still at-home grooming tips you should do once they’re drying off. Just as important as bathing your Yorkie is giving them some brushing and grooming TLC. 

Just a bath can sometimes be enough, but to ensure that your pup’s coat returns to its gleaming, tangle-free state, you will want to take the extra step to help.

One thing to note is that your Yorkie’s hair gets longer, and the more frequently you’ll need to give them their regular brushing. This makes sense, as when dog hair is longer it’s much more likely to knot around the ones next to it. 

So, if you regularly brush your Yorkie well, you could be saving yourself and your dog a lot of pain later when you find those fateful mats. Combing and maintaining are the best precautionary measures you can take!

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Regular Conditioning

Were you wondering if there were Yorkie hair products specifically? Well, the answer is absolute! After bathing, brushing, and grooming your pet, you have a lot more options for hair care. 

For example, routinely putting a leave-in conditioner for Yorkies in their coats will help your pet’s coat shine and go longer without tangles. A good product can save a lot of time in the long run!

Something you need to ensure is that you are only using canine-specific shampoos and conditioners. Using other products, especially ones designed for humans, could have adverse effects on your Yorkie’s hair or skin.

Yorkshire Terrier Hair Style and Yorkie Fashion FAQ 

What is the most popular haircut for a Yorkie?

Now, the coat you want your Yorkie to wear is completely up to you, but chances are you’ve seen a lot shorter cuts. Season to season, this might change as more owners opt for warmer cuts.

In a poll of almost 2200 Yorkshire Terrier owners, just over half (52%) said that they maintain a shortcut for their Yorkie. Medium, short, and shaved got 35%, 11%, and 2% respectively. 

So, if you want to go with the majority, you should get your pup a shorter cut, which basically entails a coat length of 0.5 – 2 inches. These cuts are adorable and keep your dog cool, so it’s no question why these are so popular!

The numbers are likely to be the way they are because most people live in areas that don’t get too cold. If you live up North, or somewhere where it gets very cold, definitely take that into account when you and your Yorkie are at the groomers.

How often does a Yorkshire Terrier need a haircut?

This depends on each dog, for example, if you’re trying to maintain a set length, you’ll want to follow a different cut schedule than if you are letting it grow out.

If maintaining a certain length, you’ll probably be looking at a cut nearly every 6-8 weeks. If you’re letting the hair grow out, you should eyeball it and make sure it’s healthy as it grows.

What age should a Yorkie be for their first haircut?

As a puppy, your Yorkie’s hair will stay maintained at a very short, very manageable length. For a good long while, you virtually won’t have to worry at all about getting a haircut.

But, at the age of 9-12-months, you’ll notice quickly that it might be time for your puppy’s very first haircut. Once Yorkie hair takes off in growth, the long lengths can really sneak up on you.

Make sure that you’re diligent about cutting their hair when they’re young. Once you get them their first cut, watch how quickly their hair grows. Then, you can estimate how often you should take them for another styling.

Even as your Yorkie grows older, there’s no age cutoff for when you should get your dog groomed. Although older dogs’ coats grow a bit slower, they will still continue to grow hair well into their old age.

How long does it take a Yorkshire Terrier to grow a floor-length coat?

This is a question we are asked a lot, and it’s a good one—how long will it take your Yorkie to grow its hair all the way down to the floor? There are a few reasons you might want to know this.

One thing to note is that not all Yorkies are even able to grow their hair to the point at which they’d step on it. In many dogs of this breed, hair might stop growing once it reaches about an inch or two off the floor.

If your Yorkie is capable of growing their hair down to floor-length, you can likely expect it to take around 1.5 to 2 years to completely grow out.

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This post covered everything you need to know about hair care for Yorkies, including the best low-maintenance haircuts and their maintenance. Styling your Yorkie’s hair is so much more than being cosmetic, it can actually keep your dog more comfortable.

Make sure you pay attention to the upcoming seasons and buy your Yorkie the gift of a cool or insulating cut, depending. They’ll love you even more for it, and you can rest assured that they are at the right temperature.

So, for this holiday season, treat your Yorkie not just with a cool or dashing cut but with fashion stuff from Save a lot from BPC’s cashback offer and free shipping vouchers on your petcare purchases!

Thanks for reading, and we hope you liked our suggestions. If you want more about all things Yorkie, you can subscribe to our newsletter!