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Zoomies are also called Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs). In a simple way are the uncontrollable explosions of energy in dogs. The most common reason is holding an excessive amount of energy, released in a burst when freed. Zoomies in dogs are when they start to run quickly, fastly, spin in a circle, back and forth.

They keep doing this until they fall down. This normally happens when the dogs are in stressful situations, like when forced to restrain or restrained, visiting the vet, after a bath, or having a grooming session. All of these situations can possibly cause zoomies. One should bear in mind that not only do puppies turn to zoom when stressed, but dogs of any age and breed can show this behavior. However, the constant show-up of zoomies is not normal and could be a sign of a bigger more severe behavioral problem.

What Are Dog Zoomies?

Dog zoomies are frenetic random activity periods. These are the periods that allow the animals to release their stress and let out the excess amount of stored energy through excitement, playing, running haphazardly, etc. Zoomies involve furious running in a circle, repetitive spins, and running so fast that it looks like the dog’s back end is moving faster than the front end.

It normally happens when they see the one they like more, see another dog, or go outside after being kept inside for a very long time. Zoomies do not last for a long time. It just takes a few minutes or a maximum of ten minutes. While it is not impossible to stop a dog from zoom, it is quit. The easiest way is to wait until these short-lived bouts of action are over.

To know more fun facts about dog zoomies. Please watch this Youtube video from Monkoodog and enjoy.

Dog Zoomies And Their Relation With Excess Energy 

The dog’s zoomies can happen in many situations. For instance, when a dog suddenly feels the urge to an excessive amount of energy which was held for a long time, and gets out after a bath or possibly at late night.

Zoomies are common in young dogs, but elder dogs can also get them while playing. With gaining maturity, the frequency of happening zoomies gets lower. However, it is quite common for older dogs to get restless at night and become hyper, which shows the dog is full of energy. If your dog is having higher frequency zoomies, it is recommended to check with a vet

When Do Zoomies Happen? 

The zoomies in dogs usually happen at approximately the same time each day and night. For example, the dog put in a crate around lunchtime until dinner time might get zoomies around the evening. Therefore, keep in touch and tune in with your dog, and make a note when your dog goes wild with zoomies. This will keep you updated about his behavioral changes and help you understand the need for playtime your dog is wishing. If a dog shows constant zoomies behavior, then it means he needs more time out for playing and less time to spend alone or being crated inside your home.

Bathtime Zoomies  

Dogs go crazy after baths due to a range of different reasons. For instance, they want to get relief, have an instinctual desire to come back to a familiar scent, or need some happiness. Many of the dogs don’t like baths, hence showing bath anxiety. Therefore, after getting a bath, he runs around like crazy and takes out his nervous energy cum frustration.

Many dog owners want their dogs to smell like flowers or soap, but it’s an unfamiliar smell for dogs. Dogs want to return to their old smell. The other prominent reason for post-bath zoomies is simply drying off. They want to dry themselves as quickly as possible. So, there is nothing serious if your dog is getting zoomies after a bath. 

Zoomies By Age

The zoomies become rare as the dog gets mature. However, indoor young puppies get zoomies every day as this occurrence is normal. The older dogs save their excess energy for an outside trip. To keep the puppy healthy, they are required to sleep around 18 to 20 hours a day. But when they wake up, they have a lot of stored energy, so they will start running around and chasing stuff.

Generally, the intense energy will start going down once a dog reaches the age of six months. Finally, smaller and medium-sized dogs are more likely to be struck with zoomies than bigger breeds. 

The Truth About Dog Zoomies  

The dog’s zoomies are normal behavior of dogs to release their bottled-up energy. Engagement of dogs in zoomies is absolutely normal as far as it is in a safe environment, which ensures the safety of the dog and others.

As you have already guessed, dogs getting zoomies are actually the period, where they run and spin in a circle. And you feel like your dog has gone crazy and seems to be completely unaware of the objects in the surroundings. Zoomies can happen in dogs of all ages but are certainly more common in puppies. 

The Zoomies

Are Dog Zoomies Safe? 

There is nothing to worry about zoomies in dogs’ behavior, as long as they do not run or spin in an unsafe environment like near roads, sharp metallic tools, or dangerous objects in their surroundings. Similarly, if the dog turns into its zoomies state inside the house, they are also safe until and unless it put your furniture at risk or ankles.

This behavior is mostly seen in young puppies as compared to older dogs. Putting dogs in close surroundings for a long time results to hold excessive energy in the body of a dog. Once you release them outside, it will immediately turn them into a state of zoomies. Therefore, it is important to set them free in a safe environment to release their stored energy. 

Final Thoughts

Dog zoomies, also known as frenetic random activity periods (FRAPs), are completely normal behavior in dogs of all ages. Random bursts of excessive stored energy happen when the dog is excited and wants to play. There is no need to worry about the zoomies in the dog’s behavior as it is normal but make sure that the dog is in a safe environment and away from kids to decrease the risk of injuries.

If the dog is getting zoomies excessively, try to get them more time for exercise and mental stimulation. Finally, if it occurs more than normal, then visiting the vet is a must. That’s all for now. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to share your thoughts in the usual place. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I calm my dog during the period of zoomies?

You can reduce the frequency of zoomies by increasing their period of physical exercise or just mentally challenging them more. So that they are able to release their pent-up energy before it is channeled into a random burst of energy. 

Do zoomies mean my dog is happy? 

Of course, dogs doing zoomies is just normal dog behavior. It means your dog is happy and you don’t need to be concerned about this state. However, if you notice that your dog has increased this period then this might be a cause for concern.

Should I let my dog do zoomies? 

Of course, it’s a totally normal dog behavior. Let them be happy. There is nothing wrong with your dog running around crazy as long as they are not damaging your property or causing harm.