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As we bring home our new paw buddies, we need to teach basic cues such as sitting, staying, and coming when called.

However, crate training is an equally important training your little puppy should learn as early as possible. It will be easier for your furry friend to get used to staying in the crate while he is still a pup than force him to feel comfortable in it when he gets older.

What Is The Best Dog Crate For Your Yorkie?

But of course, we just want the best for our puppies. So grab your notepad and search for the best dog crate for your Yorkie, and Teacup Yorkie, as we enumerate and review each of them. We’re also giving you treats as we share with you various methods and strategies on how you can train your Yorkie to use the crates.




ProSelect Empire Dog Cage

Pro Select


MidWest Homes for Pets Single & Double Door

MidWest Homes for Pets


Petnation Port-A-Crate Indoor and Outdoor Home for Pets



Diggs Revol Dog Crate 



MidWest Homes for Pets Single & Double Door Life Stages Dog Crate

MidWest Homes for Pets


Best Fashion Dog Crate: Crown Pet Crate Table

Leave your pets no more as you purchase the best fashion dog crates.

Crown Pet Crate Table

A decorative crown pet crate table made of rubberwood is durable and flexible. When looking for personal crown pet crates, you may consider choosing items that are covered in MDF so they can be insured too.

One that offers a 360-degree view together with ventilation is still a dream for many of us as well. Since the best crown pet crates are made of Rubberwood, you can expect them to have a solid and smooth appearance as you avail of one today.

You can check reliable samples of crown pet crate tables here.

Best Heavy-Duty Dog Crate: ProSelect Empire Cage

If plastic cages are not suited for your dog, then you may level up using the ProSelect Medium-Sized Steel Empire Dog Cage.

This durable cage can shelter your 26-40 pound dog and even the largest dogs with its thick steel and strong latches. Cleaning up the cage is easy, too! Thanks to its grated floor with a tray.

There is more than the strong build of ProSelect Empire Cage. It also has casters that can be found at the bottom of the cage. You can attach the casters to move the cage from one spot to another; otherwise, leave it off if you would like to keep the cage stable in one place.

If you have larger dogs biting metal crates, you can check out ProSelect Empire Cages and the like here.

empire dog case

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Lightweight portable dog crates can make the best dog crate for your Yorkies. An example of this is a Petmate Two Door Top Load suitable for small dog breeds weighing 10-20 lbs.

Because of its lightweight feature, most airline cargoes accept this type of pet carrier. What’s more to this product is its durable, easy-squeeze ergonomic comfort grip handle so you can confidently carry it wherever you go. Its unique top-loading door enables you to place and remove your pet from the courier. It also has enough ventilation and visibility for your little dog such as Yorkie due to its vented sides aside from the safe and secure space.

You can check here Petmate 2-Door Topload Kennel’s list of various colors and sizes to help you find the most appropriate crate for your small fur buddy.

life stages dog cage

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Best Soft-Sided Dog Crate: Petnation Port-A-Crate

We always want to bring with us our Yorkies to join the fun of going out and being one with nature. If we need tents, we also need to carry with us a temporary shelter for our Yorkies.

Hence, it has to be lightweight and portable. The best soft-sided dog crates are those we can bring with us as we go for short outings. The crates have to be set and fold in a few seconds with fewer or no tools necessary anymore.

Best soft-sided dog crates are made up of heavy-duty tight weave mesh fabric supported by a steel frame endoskeleton to endure the pressure from the outside environment. Amazingly, they should also have mesh windows like honeycomb to make sure there is enough airflow for your dog. They should also be made up of water-resistant materials so it would be easy to clean them up, especially if you have a jam-packed schedule to do it.

Most importantly, the best soft-sided dog crates are made up of non-toxic and lightweight materials to keep your Yorkie away from potential harm.

Learn more about the best soft-sided dog crates here.

petnation dog case

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Best Travel Dog Crate: Diggs Revol

If you would like to travel with your little buddy, you might find Digs

Revol is the best dog crate for your Yorkie.

This aluminum dog crate is collapsible and portable which makes it travel-friendly. Digs Revol also makes sure that their dog crate is made with quality materials as it has steel mesh wire for its built and reinforced plastic for window safety. It is also free from gaps from which small dogs can escape, making it the best escape-proof dog crate.

Diggs Revol takes pride in providing the best dog crate for your Yorkie as they address issues of lack of quality of materials, poor craftsmanship, and less or no attention to pet safety. Learn more about travel dog crates here.

revol dog crate

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Best Wire Dog Crate: Midwest Life Stages

If you’re looking for a dog crate that can be your dog’s permanent shelter, then you may include Midwest Life Stages in your list.

This dog crate benchmarks the advantage of its space which can use may vary depending on the size of the dog. For example, larger breeds may find the space of Midwest Life Stages crates comfortable since they don’t have to hunch and lie down with their legs outstretched.

For little dogs like Yorkies, the crate may be much bigger. But fret not, Midwest Life Stages include divider panels that may solve the problem for your little ones.

Check out more about crates from Midwest Life Stages here.Midwest Life Stages

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How To House Train Your Dog

House training requires patience, determination, and plenty of consistency with your dog or puppy.

Puppies do well on a daily schedule, much like kids. The timetable reminds them that there are times to eat, times to play, and times to do their business. You can start by taking your Yorkie outside frequently for exercise. You may also reward your puppy every time they eliminate outdoors outside.

Another important thing when training your dog is to supervise it. Don’t let them control you with their sweet eyes or aggressive grin.

Here’s another Yorkie article you’ll enjoy: Training your Yorkshire Terrier the Right Way

Crate Training Tips

Dogs, large or small, are always on the edge of dominating their owners. But as we train them in using their crates, we need to give them an order to join, such as “crate.” Also, we should reward them with a treat in our hand by pointing to the inside of the crate.

Repeat this procedure several times a day, growing progressively the amount of time you leave them in the crate and the length of time you are out of reach.

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Choosing the best dog crate for your Yorkie seems to be a tedious, difficult task because you get to select from all these pools of crates. However, it is easier than you think.

Knowing the personality of your Yorkie very well, your purpose for buying a crate, and identifying the purpose of each type of crate can definitely fill the gaps.

We hope that this article provides you with enough overview to help you decide. There’s no need to go that far.

The answer is in your hands.