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A Yorkshire terrier that is going to be bred must first pass the breed standards and free of congenital defects, such as cardiomyopathy, luxation, and hypothyroidism. This will prevent the mother from passing ad genes that could contaminate the breed’s gene pool. It could also result to unhealthy puppies.

The dog should also be free of any bacterial infections and brucellosis. These can be passed on to puppies during the pregnancy. Aside from the mother, the stud must also be healthy and the owner of the stud should be able to show a statement from a veterinarian attesting to a clean bill of health.yorkie health during prenancy

The size of the Yorkie is also a factor to consider. Dogs that are under five pounds are not considered fit for breeding and could die during the whelping.

A reputable breeder knows that there’s no such thing as a Teacup Yorkie and a mature one must be around five to seven pounds. Anything less than that is considered a defect.

Once you have chosen a stud and the two dogs have been chosen as good candidates for breeding, timing has become a factor. Female dogs go into heat once or twice each year. Indicators of when a female dog is in heat are:

  • vulva is swelling
  • menstrual bleeding 
  • reduced appetite.

This stage is known as proestrus and can last from 4 to 20 days.

The next phase is estrus and indicated by the lightening of the secretions of the vulva and its willingness to be mounted. This is the right time to allow the stud and female to breed. If the mating is successful, then the female would enter her pregnancy stage.

If the female is pregnant, the vulva will remain swollen. Pregnancy lasts around nine weeks and there should be no discharge from the vulva. A discharge is an indicator of a miscarriage. During the fifth week, the dog will start swelling around the middle and the nipples start to darken.

At week eight, the owner must start preparing for the delivery of the puppies. There must be an area for the birth and introduce the pregnant dog to it. The area should be private, soft and warm.

During the labor, the dog will refuse to eat or drink water.

The dog should not be left alone until after the last puppy is born.

The dog requires help during the delivery and neglecting the dog could mean its death and its puppies. After birth, the puppies must nurse from the mother and care for them right away.


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