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Whether you just got a new furry family member or you want to train your dog in a better way, the right dog harness can make a difference. Although leashes and collars are also great options for dog owners, they can cause strain on the dog’s throat and neck.

Moreover, a dog harness can prevent any possible injury or things like choking. It’s also the most ideal thing to use when hiking, walking or running with your dog since it helps make such activities much safer and enjoyable for everyone.

However, with the countless options for dog harnesses in the market, choosing the right one for your dog can be confusing. So, make sure to keep the following considerations in mind when looking for the best dog harness Canada has to offer.


One of the first things to consider when looking for a dog harness is your budget. Although various dog harnesses can fit almost any budget, it’s still a good idea to set how much you can spend.

If your budget allows, choose a dog harness made of brass. It’s an excellent material for dogs with sensitive skin or prone to allergic reactions. Using a hypoallergenic harness on your furry friends will make them comfortable while taking them for a walk.

Dog Harness Types

Even if dog harnesses seem to perform the same task, they vary by function and form depending on the brand or company that offers them.

At present, there are different dog harnesses available, and these include the following:

  • Fashion Dog Harness: It’s a colorful dog harness with fun designs and narrow straps. Usually, a fashion dog harness is made from traditional collar materials and typically placed over the head.
  • No Pull Dog Harness: It tightens slightly when the dog pulls, but the force is felt under the armpits of your dog instead of its neck. So, watch for any signs of irritation or rubbing and pay attention to fit.
  • Hiking Dog Harness: This type of dog harness is designed to withstand extreme outdoor conditions.
  • Dual Purpose Dog Harness: It can do double duty as a walking harness or a car seatbelt.
  • Mesh Dog Harness: Like a fashion dog harness, a mesh dog harness is like a vest and is made of highly breathable mesh fabric.

Dog Size

Your dog’s size is essential when shopping around for a dog harness. You might want to opt for adjustable dog harnesses if your dog is still growing. On the other hand, choose a durable harness if you have big dogs.

Also, it’s necessary if your dog tends to jump a lot.

Regardless of your dog’s size, ensure that your harness fits between its chest and back properly. If you’re shopping online and not sure what size is suited for your dog, measure your dog and check the brand’s measurements.


Even if you can choose any material for your preferred dog harness, you should still consider the materials used. The reason behind it’s that there are materials that can cause skin irritation.

If you don’t want to irritate your dogs’ skin or let them have hot spots, choose the material wisely.

For instance, most dog owners prefer leather as it’s less likely to cause skin irritation. Others want dog harnesses that are made from nylon because they’re easy to clean.

To decide which material is the most suitable for your dog, know your dog’s skin quality, allergies, and size.


One of the most crucial considerations when looking for a dog harness is the padding. If you want your dog to experience comfort, having a padded harness can make a huge difference.

However, a padded dog harness is always more expensive, but it’s a good investment for dog owners who want their dogs to be comfortable.

After all, you don’t want them to hurt themselves while something caught their attention or they want to sniff around while you’re walking with them.

Dog Behavior

Your dog’s general temperament and energy level are critical to consider when looking for a dog harness. You don’t require a durable dog harness for a docile or a small dog.

But you can never get away with a flimsy harness for an energetic and bigger dog. So, make sure to consider your dog’s behavior to ensure their comfort level and safety.

Reflective Trim

Another essential thing to consider when choosing a dog harness is a feature called reflective trim. This may not be important for other dog owners, but it can help save your pet’s life.

It can protect your pet on the road as a reflective trim makes him more visible to passers-by and drivers, especially during the evening.

Reflective trims are also a good feature if you enjoy night walks with your dog. With this, you’re not just being a responsible owner, but you’re also ensuring your dog’s safety.


Dual-ply or single-ply harnesses are the typical strength levels in terms of dog harnesses. As its name implies, a dual-ply harness comes with two layers of material, which keep the harness together.

Depending on your dog’s behavior and habits, choose the one that will perfectly suit your dog.


A good quality dog harness can help you walk around with your dogs without causing them pain or discomfort. It doesn’t also come off easily as it embraces your dog’s body.

With this in mind, you can have more control over your dog even if they pull hard. However, you can only enjoy the benefits of a dog harness if you purchase the right one.

So, make sure to take note of the above considerations when shopping around for the perfect dog harness.


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