When you are going to buy a dog, you need to understand that your pet should not stay home alone for a long time. A Yorkie may really get depressed if staying without the owner and may even get a disease called separation anxiety. This disease may develop if you leave your Yorkie for long time periods. Yorkies are really sensitive dogs and the symptoms of this disease may really become vivid just after 30 minutes.

When your pet has separation anxiety, it means that your Yorkie is experiencing a great stress. This stress may be revealed in destructive behavior.

It is not only typical for Yorkies but for all dogs in general. You need to understand that your Yorkie has been breed to be a friend of a human and it is rather difficult for a pet to stay without a friend for a long time. If you see that separation anxiety becomes overwhelming, then you need to take certain measures.

Your Yorkie needs to get some training to feel confident during the daytime. As a result of this training, the disease will go away and the dog will be handling the situation in a healthy way. Barking is the most common symptom of this disease and you may learn from your neighbors that your pet is suffering from separation anxiety heavily. Barking becomes uncontrollable and you may not stop it for a long time. As a result of this uncontrollable barking, your Yorkie may turn physically exhausted with each day.Separation Anxiety

Due to the uncontrollable behavior, they can even injure themselves. Another symptom of separation anxiety may be noticed when you come home. Your Yorkie may become overexcited and it will take time to calm the dog down. Excitement urination is a definite sign that your dog is suffering from separation anxiety.

Photo by Receptie123 [CC BY-SA 3.0], undefined