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Frequent Dental Problems in Yorkies

    Preventive Care    October 29, 2015

Dental Problems in Yorkies

One of the most frequent health issues that may be met in Yorkies is a problem with their dental health. Due to their small sizes, including the size of the jaw, Yorkies frequently suffer from teeth overcrowding. Seems that the problem is not so important but this condition may easily lead to the development of plague and as a result, you Yorkie will be suffering from periodontal disease.

The most effective measures you need to take in this case are to perform daily brushing and regular cleanings. But the cleanings should be provided by a professional vet using all the needed tools and medications. If you do not manage to perform these activities, you may put your Yorkie at risk of infection entering the blood stream.Dental Problems in Yorkies

Besides, Yorkies suffer from tooth decay in most cases and, if a dog owner does not pay attention to this dental disease, your Yorkie will be losing teeth all the time and the activity of your pet will be reduced to the minimum. The consequences of tooth loss may be dangerous as your pet will have a lot of eating problems that may ruin the digestive system of a dog. That is why we may conclude that the dental problems may be vitally important and you need to check the dental health of your dog on a regular basis.

Your Yorkie will need one cleaning per year and you need to know that your dog may be sensitive to anesthesia. The vet will achieve the best results when cleaning if your dog does not move for a while. If your dog has tartar, a professional vet will be able to perform scraping. Many dog owners may choose to do it at home but some of them prefer using the services of a vet.

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