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Joint Problems in Yorkshire Terriers

    Preventive Care    January 10, 2015

Yorkshire Terriers Joints

Aging is a process that affects not only humans but Yorkshire Terriers as well. Active life and a lot of movements can lead to a number of joints problems. Kidneys can also turn less effective and at the same time dogs can have a lot of problems with coat and skin.

Thanks to the development of modern veterinary medicine, a lot of general canine conditions can be easily solved. If your Yorkie is losing its mobility to climb stairs or to jump on the couch, then your dog may experience signs of aging and may be sick with arthritis. It’s not just a problem of Yorkies but of all dogs that are getting older. You do not have to make your dog more than she can and not to cause any inflammation in joints. It is better to provide your Yorkie with help by lifting her when it is difficult to climb up. Having arthritis may cause some difficulties and walking may be really slow.Yorkshire Terriers Joints

That is why you need to slow down or to shorten the distance you want to walk. Having arthritis can make joints of your Yorkie really painful to touch. That is why you need to watch the disease development and to prevent any serious symptoms. You do not need to ignore the disease of your Yorkie and your Yorkie will make it clear that you should stop hurting her.

Limited movements are not the only problems associated with this disease. Grooming may become a hell for your dog. That is why you need to be more helping than ever.


To reduce the symptoms of pain in dogs there are different supplements that provide anti-inflammatory effects. You should not wait for a quick fix. The effects of using these supplements can only become visible within two months. That is why it is better to consult a vet before using anti-inflammatory drugs.

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