Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie
Everything about Yorkshire Terriers – Love your Yorkie

My Special Boy by Jeffrey

Yorkie puppies
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Thanks for sharing your story and photo Jeffrey!

My story started on Sept 01 2019, It was two little boys born on that day. The owner gave me the mother and the two puppies to raise up to eight weeks. one of them would be mine, but they where the same size and had the same markings everywhere. We flipped them over and I saw the paws one had black hair and the other one had white hair there. I told them i want the white paw one. Make it short about five weeks I noticed my teacup yorkie was getting bigger and had the silky hair and his brother had wired hair. Lets just say after three months Jose was about four pounds, brother was just over a pound and didn’t get over a pound and a half. Now Jose five months and weighs 6 pounds. Test show he has no bad genes from his family line. So much for a Teacup yorkie. He has big paws, and may reach 11 pounds

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