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Yorkshire terriers are known for tearing from their eyes that will make them unattractive. The tear stains will also make the dog uncomfortable. That’s why an owner of a Yorkie must do one’s best to minimize the stains and make the dog feel better and at the same time look good. If the Yorkshire terrier is tearing up too much, the damp hair under the eyes becomes susceptible to bacterial growth and yeast infections. The dampness will lead to reddish-brown stains.


The first step to reducing the tear stains on the Yorkie is to have a vet look at the dog to find out the cause of the excessive tearing and staining. The veterinarian will rule out all the possible causes such as eye infection, allergies, infected tear ducts, ear infection, teeth infection, yeast infections, inverted eyelids, or any other health problems. They will run a series of culture and sensitivity tests on the residue. If the dog is found to have any of the health conditions then the vet will prescribe remedies in order to control the heavy tear staining and should start to fade away.

Yorkshire terriers


Aside from health conditions, tear staining can also be caused by genetics, environment and care. When the cause is discovered, it should be removed right away. It can help decrease or eliminate the staining and tearing. Yorkshire terrier can develop allergies and an air purifier can help reduce the allergens in the house. Other things that can help include the use of filtered or distilled water, keeping the house clean, keeping the hair out of their eyes, and providing proper ventilation.


If medical condition and moisture is not the cause of the tear staining then be sure to keep the area under the eyes as clean as possible. You do this by using warm water on a gauze pad to wipe the area as gently as possible. Some Yorkshire terriers require boric acid solution to clean their eye area.

Photo by Pederseguro [Public domain], undefined