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Some Useful Yorkie Tips from Khloe’s Mom

    Share your Story    August 6, 2015

Mini Yorkie in the park bench

Michelle shares very useful care tips for her girl Khloe.
Thanks Michelle!
I would love to share my experience with other Yorkie Lovers.

Khloe is 4 years old. She weighs 4 lbs. her diet is Royal Canin canned food. Her treats are Organic and Grain Free.
Yorkies are a very special breed as you well know. They have to be taken care:
I bathe Khloe once a week and I make sure her coat is always conditioned and she gets groomed every 5 weeks.
Brushing their teeth is very important.
I also comb her to avoid matting.
I make sure that I bond with her everyday. We are their world.
I hope this helps.. Feel free to ask me any questions..??

❤️ Khloe’s Mom

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2 Responses to “Some Useful Yorkie Tips from Khloe’s Mom”

  1. Bettyann Goss on December 11, 2018 @ 6:53 pm

    I bought a yorkie 2 weeks ago. No papers.
    Her little ears are not standing up.
    This is my 3rd yorkie. She is a little sweetheart.

    • Hi. I have a little Yorkie Female, am full of information on their breed and have spoiled my as I’m sure your going to once your relationship grows. Regarding the ears: Some,,, stand up all on their own. What many breeders or sellers don’t share, (simply because it’s not regarded as needed info) not that their trying to hide anything is simply this. After 2 weeks old (highly debatable), when the ear hair length is still fairly short , you simply fold each side of the ear towards the front and tape it! Three weeks is usually sufficient to allow the cartalidge to firm up for good ear standing. If your little girl is 8-16 weeks old, you can still accomplish this without vet service’s, but you will need to trim the ear hairand because of ear size, may get better results by applying a piece half an inch up from the head, not totally closed but close, and another piece of tape about 3/5’ths to 3-4 above, the ear height. Hope that helps. God Bless.

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