When you take a decision to adopt a Yorkie, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. These are lovely dogs but not for everybody. First of all, you need to take into account health problems that may be represented by bad teeth and bad knees that would need a surgical operation. Secondly, they usually become friends to just one person in the house which is not good for the other family members.

They do not get on well with small kids but they are better with children of eight years or older. Some owners consider Yorkies to be really vocal and, before you get used to their barking, it will take a long time. Regular care, especially grooming is required on a regular basis. Yorkies were not bred to stay home all the time, they were bred to participate in hunting and these dogs are not used to be trained by other people. In other words, some Yorkies maintain to be really difficult to housetrain.

But, if you live alone and you need a friend around you, it’s a perfect dog to share your loneliness. As it was mentioned before, an adopted Yorkie needs constant attention. That is why there should always be someone at home who could look after the dog. A lot of attention will need to be devoted for prevention of accidents as housebreaking is a usual matter.


As a result, Yorkies are adorable and cute but at the same time they can be destructive as never. They have very sharp teeth and you need to pay attention to electrical cords and door frames all the time.

That is why a lot of people prefer choosing Yorkies from shelters and rescue groups as they already have those habits that you need. You will not devote all your time on training your dog.