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Having a pet dog, especially a younger one, is like having a baby. They are always delightful and energetic and never turn down the chance for a game. Dogs truly are playful spirits, but it can get hard to entertain the same game of stick-fetch every day. If you want to make your canine best friend happy or reward them for good behavior, a new toy is a way to go, and the best toy is one that moves! Whether it’s for your dog’s entertainment or a way to distract it for you, a moving toy is a perfect option.

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Choosing the Best Moving Dog Toys for Your Pup

Yorkie playing

A moving toy can either use the laws of physics and your dog’s messing around to start wobbling, or it will be electronically powered to make noises, turn up colorful lights, and move around. But dogs are known for their desire to chew everything within paw’s reach. So it’s essential to look into the toy you’re getting for your dog.

Different moving dog toys have different chew strengths and can sustain a set amount of force. If your dog has a strong jaw that chews through right about anything and thinks of everything as food, safety can be a concern. When choosing your moving toy, be on the lookout for a sturdy toy if needed and if it’s a battery-powered electronic toy, make sure the batteries are tucked away deep and out of reach.

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What Do Dog Toys That Move Around Offer Your Pup?

Moving toy dogs can have many benefits, both for your dog and you.

The most significant benefit is the mental relief your dog gets by having an inanimate play companion. Dogs like a playful and cheery setting, and it can be tiring to have that all day around. A moving toy can make up when you’re home from a tiring day or when you aren’t up for a game. Like children, dogs get frustrated and annoyed if they don’t have any simulation. This boredom can lead to anxiety and ripped-up cushions.

A moving toy is also a good exercise alternative. Chewing on it or playing around with an interactive dog bone can engage your dog at all times. This ensures that your dog constantly has some form of physical activity and can prevent significant illnesses. Since the toy is also engaging the dog’s senses, the stimulation can sharpen its sensory development.

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Dog Toys That Moves

Moving toys can reliably brighten your dog’s mood. Watching your dog play with a moving toy is an adorable moment in itself.

Here’s a list of some of the best, most entertaining, and safest options out there.

PETGEEK Electronic Interactive Dog Toys

Automatic Dog Bones for Puppies Small Medium Large Dogs or Cat, Dog Toys with Safe Material, Smart Bones for Pets to Play

This dog toy is essentially a play bone with a mind of its own. Programmed to move in odd and unexpected ways, it’s a great and engaging toy for your dog. It is one of the safest options out there. It is best for dogs that love to use their mouth a lot with an inner core layered with a thick but elegant plastic lining of a rubber-like material. It can prevent any severe injuries.

We also understand that moving toys can be pricier than simple ones, but the Petgeek electronic device is a one-time purchase because of how durable they are. They last considerably longer, even when your dog plays rough. They are also very easy to clean up because their pieces are detachable. You remove the components, clean them individually, and put them back together.PETGEEK Electronic Interactive Dog Toys

Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic & Interactive Toys for Dogs, Puppy, and Cats

The wicked smart bone takes technological advancement to a higher level. The smart bone has a simple function: it moves around to keep your dog busy. However, the makers of this bone made it convenient and high-tech.

The device registers your dog’s emotions (angst, excitement, nervousness) and reacts accordingly. Whether your dog is feeling lazy and sleepy or pumped up with energy, the wicked smart bone will adjust to it accordingly. The design also considers your dog’s mouth safety and uses an FDA-approved grade polycarbonate for the body and the cover. The tires are also made up of soft but strong material, so they don’t hurt your dog’s teeth.

Wickedbone Smart Bone Automatic

PetDroid Interactive Dog/Cats Ball Toys, Durable Motion Activated Automatic Rolling Ball Toys.

Rolling and kicking balls isn’t something limited to cats. Dogs love a good chase, and PetDroid’s rolling ball toys are what they want.

The rolling balls are Battery-powered and rechargeable with a battery life that can take you through a full day on a full battery.

While the rolling ball is currently available for a hard floor, like a cemented or marbled bare floor, it does not have the model which efficiently works on thick carpets. It also comes with a supplementary feather-like component, which can make ball-chasing a much more fun activity.

PetDroid Interactive Dog/Cats Ball Toys,

SKYMEE Fury Bone Smart Interactive Pet Toys for Dogs Cats Indoor Outdoor Easy.

With a joystick app on your phone and an SKYMEE smart bone, you can keep your dog running around from the comforts of your couch. The device connects via BlueTooth, and you then get nine different movement commands to maneuver the device.

Like the other devices we mentioned in this list, the SKYMEE Furry bone is safe for your dog’s mouth. This device also makes use of durable and robust equipment along with random movements and extended-range connectivity to keep your dog safe from choking hazards.SKYMEE Fury Bone

Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound – Interactive Puzzle Game Dog Toys

This Dog Smart by Nina Ottosson is a level 1 interactive puppy puzzle toy that will prepare your pup for more challenging games with simple one-step actions. It is an interactive dog puzzle that features 9 hidden compartments that are covered by 9 removable dog bone pieces. With its BPA, PVC & PHTHALATE FREE feature, Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound interactive treat dog puzzles are designed with your pet’s health in mind from food-safe materials that you can trust. Easy to clean with warm water and soap between uses.

PETGEEK Interactive Dog Treat Ball Treat Dispensing Dog Toys, Pet IQ Treat Ball Adjustable Treat Ball for Dogs, Automatic Dog Food Toy.

The PETGEEK Interactive treat ball goes a step further in the category of moving toys and also rewards your dog. It can store up to 380 ml of Kibble, and it gradually dispenses it to your dog. There are two formats to which you can adjust the ball: the slow feeder and the faster one. When it comes to teaching dogs patience or a skill they need to focus on, the slower one works better.

The interactive treat ball is also battery-powered (you are expected to purchase 2x triple-A batteries). However, it has a smart battery conservation system. It can last up to 7 hours on rolling mode, but if it’s been out of use for a while, it will automatically switch to standby mode until further probed.

PETGEEK Interactive Dog Treat Ball Treat Dispensing Dog Toys

GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Smart Bone

This app-enabled smart bone is weighted at 1.2 pounds and has a fashionable design. The coolest thing about GoBone’s interactive smart bone is that it offers the option for personalized entertainment. This feature allows the GoBone device to automatically adjust to optimum functioning based on the age, breed, weight, and play style of your dog specifically. This makes the overall experience more enjoyable for your pet dog.GoBone Interactive App-Enabled Smart Bone

SKYMEE Owl Robot Pet camera with a treat dispenser and an interactive toy

This toy is more of a babysitter for your pet. With a full High definition camera that has both nighttime visions, and the ability to zoom in four times, the camera can let you keep a check on your dog where it is.

The SKYMEE Owl Robot is an engaging toy and does a great job assisting from infra-red sensors to controlled treat dispensing. Once you insert a memory card, it will also give you the option to record your dog’s actions.

Dogs love playtimes and physically stimulating games, and while you may love playing with them, it can understandably get too much. Moving toys make great use of modern technology to keep your dog entertained, busy, and, most importantly: safe.SKYMEE Owl Robot Pet camera