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When you first get a Yorkshire terrier dog to your home, you are all excited and happy and looking forward to playing with him and taking care of this cute and fluffy small dog breed.

As your dog starts to grow, you feel that you have responsibilities on your shoulders to make sure that your Yorkie behaves a certain way and acts in a proper way.

Isn’t it?

One of the problems that many Yorkie parents suffer from is that their dog pulls the leash and doesn’t learn to walk properly in a straight line. He or she is trying to drag you along.

Though Yorkies are not that heavy when compared to some of the bigger dog breeds, regular dragging can put more strain on your shoulders, especially when you are old or your shoulders are already not in great shape.

Therefore, it is important to Train your Yorkie to walk properly alongside you without pulling the Leash. In this guide, I am going to teach you some techniques and tips to tackle this behavioral problem in Yorkshire Terriers.

Prior To Teaching Your Yorkshire Terrier To Walk Correctly

Keep the following in mind –

  •  It is really important to establish a frame where your Yorkie realizes that you are the leader of the pack.
  • You will need to assess control over your dog while walking.
  • Have patience and understand that training a Yorkie takes time and you will see results after a few weeks.
  • Carry your Yorkie’s favorite treats alongside to motivate him and reward him for the desired behavior. Here’s a list of Best Treats for Yorkshire Terriers.
  • Elder Yorkies would take more time to learn this when compared to puppy Yorkies.

Tips For Training A Yorkshire Terrier

  • To minimize the pressure on your Yorkie’s neck, use a body harness.
  • Crush the treats into bits and pieces.
  • Get a shorter leash if you use a longer leash currently.
  • Carry a positive attitude, motivation, and patience.

2 Methods to Train A Yorkshire Terrier To Walk Properly Alongside

 Method 1: Stop and Look Method

  1.  Tie your Yorkie with a leash and start walking normally as you do.
  2. As soon as your Yorkie tries to pull the leash or drag you, Issue a “Heel” command. Speak in an affirmative and authoritative noise.
  3. As soon as you pass the command, stand still at a place. Let your dog do his business and wait for him to notice you. When he notices you, wait for him to come and stand next to you. When you practice this for the first time, it will take some time for your dog to notice this behavior of yours and then come stand next to you.
  4. As soon as your Yorkie stands next to you (desired behavior), reward him with his favorite treats that you were carrying. Also, shower him with praises and compliments.
  5. Repeat this process till the time you feel that your Yorkie knows what you want.

Method 2: Hold The Treats In Your Hands Method

  1. Tie your Yorkie with a short leash and take him out for a walk. Carry plenty of treats along with you.
  2. On the side where your Yorkie is walking with you, hold a treat just above and close to his head. This will attract your dog to go for it and he would be walking alongside you. It would be great if you used a smellier chicken-based treat.
  3. Holding the treat close to your dog’s head, walk 8 to 10 steps. Make sure that your Yorkie walks 8-10 steps properly.
  4. After that, reward your Yorkie with treats and praises. If he fails to walk properly, shorten the distance to 5 steps or so.
  5. As you practice this method more and more and your dog starts to walk properly, you can choose to increase the distance to 15 or 20 steps. Gradually, your Yorkie will make it a habit to walk closely to you without pulling the leash.


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