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Yorkshire terriers are known for their fine, long hair making it really  easy to get dirty. There are owners who opt to trim the hairs of their Yorkie in order to keep it manageable and clean.

It is known as puppy cut due to the fact that the dog will look like a puppy after the trim.

You just need to have the right equipment in order to properly trim the hair of a Yorkie.


In order to trim the hair into a puppy cut, it is vital that you choose the right dog clippers. You can use human clippers on a Yorkie but the motor might wear down over time. A good set of dog clippers have a motor that’s capable of generating up to 3,000 rotations a second. It also doesn’t overheat easily.

Maintenance of Clippers

A good set of dog clippers will need little to no maintenance over a certain period of time. Some models remain oiled for long period of time without the need of maintenance. You should get a set of clippers that are comfortable. It is best to test how the clipper feels in your hand before purchasing it.

A good set of clippers have a wide range of blades. Blades with lower number will keep the hair longer. The No. 4 is perfect for a puppy cut on a Yorkshire terrier. It keeps the hair around an inch and can be used all over the body, except for the feet and head.

The No. 7 and No. 7F blades are perfect for the finishing touches of the cut. They have a much shorter cut and can be used on the abdomen and chest. The No. 7F provides a much smoother finish. The No. 10 gives a much shorter cut and utilized to cut the back of the legs, chin, ears and face.Dog Trimmers

Using Human Hair Clippers

ManyYorkie owners use a regular human hair trimmer from Remington or Wahl which can be bought for about $20 on any big box store. With the proper care and maintenance it should work perfectly for many years. The secret for a great hair cut is that the hair should be clean and untangled so before any trimming shower your Yorkie, wash their hair with a mild Hypoallergenic shampoo , dry it and comb it first before any hair clipping.

Photo by Yesseniaaletsse [CC-BY-SA-3.0], undefined



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