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It goes without saying: we want our furry friends to be safe and healthy. A balanced diet, lots of exercise, and the occasional CBD treat make for a happy pooch. Some may wonder, is there too much of a good thing? Is weed toxic to dogs

With cannabis now legal in many states, nothing stops you from growing your own marijuana plants. If you’re pushed for time and in a warm climate, why not try fast-growing weed seeds? Then, harvest, decarb, and bake the buds into pooch-friendly delights at home. 

CBD treats are becoming more popular, but what benefits do they offer? Do you need to worry about what might happen if your counter-surfing pup gets hold of all the snacks? What could the consequences be?

Let’s investigate these questions below. 

Signs Of Weed Intoxication In Dogs

Many dogs, particularly Yorkshire Terriers, are naturally curious. There’s a chance they may get into your cupboards and munch their way through the treat box.

It’s extremely unlikely that your Yorkie, or any dog breed, will ingest a CBD or THC dose high enough to kill them. They can, however, have too much of a good thing and need some treatment. 

Look out for the following dog CBD overdose symptoms:

  • Sudden extreme lethargy or heavy breathing
  • Stumbling and tripping over their feet
  • Constant vomiting
  • Lack of appetite (more of a symptom related to higher levels of intoxication)
  • Bouts of diarrhea

Always contact your veterinary practitioner if you believe your dog is acting strangely. Is your fur baby throwing up but not showing any other symptoms? Rule out other issues before checking if you need to seek dog toxicity treatment.

In extreme cases, canine overdose symptoms include:

  • Tremors
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Agitation
  • A comatose state

In these cases, an immediate trip to the vet’s office is necessary to ensure your best friend is properly cared for.

Treatment For Canine Cannabis Toxicity 

Always consult your veterinary practitioner to rule out anything else sinister. If they’re satisfied with the diagnosis, they’ll instruct you on how to treat THC poisoning in dogs at home.

Here are some top tips to follow:

  • Keep your pup hydrated, especially if they’ve been sick.
  • Feed them small amounts of plain, bland foods often to keep their strength up.
  • Keep an eye on their breathing. Expect a slower rate but watch out for irregularities.

In some cases, the vet may want to keep your furry friend overnight for supportive care. Some precautionary in-patient treatments include:

  • Administering IV fluids
  • Giving your dog activated charcoal to prevent certain toxins from being absorbed
  • Monitoring their heart rate

You can find more detailed information about how to treat THC poisoning in dogs at any veterinary office.

How Long Will Recovery Take?

Once your Yorkie has been treated, they’ll bounce back to normal after a day or two. Responsible owners should take steps to prevent accidents from occurring. Check out some doggy-proof treat containers to keep your Yorkie out of trouble.

Why Would My Dog Need CBD?

Some dogs, particularly toy breeds, may be nervous in their day-to-day activities. CBD is one of the purported natural remedies that could help with anxiety. 

Another advantage is pain management. If you’re lucky enough to have your furry friend with you at a ripe age, they may have a few joint aches and pains. CBD could help ease these ailments and give them a much richer quality of life.

Most experts advise giving Yorkies a CBD tincture. Administer a tiny dose directly into their mouth according to the recommended guidelines. If you’re giving your furry companion cannabis in an edible form, take note of the dosage you’re feeding them as well.

Most store-bought canine treats have a THC content of less than 0.3%, which is nominal. Opt for a broad spectrum CBD specifically for dogs to get the best and safest results.

While incredibly rare, it’s a great idea to be aware of the signs of weed intoxication in dogs.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

It might sound a bit scary, but a cannabis overdose is something you should be aware of. So, is weed toxic to dogs? We know the answer is no, but it’s better to remain cautious.

If your canine companion consumes too much CBD, they may exhibit symptoms that could require a trip to the vet. The good news is that they’ll return to normal after a few days.

Your Yorkie will always be your best friend, so it’s natural to want to keep them safe, happy, and healthy. If you choose to make CBD treats at home, pick the quality ingredients your fur baby deserves. Alternatively, buy premium products from a reputable retailer.

jenniferJennifer Gallagher

Jennifer Gallagher, an experienced cannabis grower at SeedSupreme Seedbank. During a 7-year career in the marijuana growing business, Jennifer has gained a high competence in this field.

As far as weed is concerned, she knows it all inside out. Jennifer is an expert in pot-growing, as well as cannabis types and their effects. She’s also familiar with all legislation nuances.