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A lot of people consider getting a furry buddy for their Yorkie. This can be due to work schedules, to help fend off their Yorkie’s boredom, as well as a desire to have one more fuzzball in their home. But what kind of dog? Small? Big? What breed makes for a good Yorkie Buddy? There are a few things to know before selecting your next doggy family member

Things To Keep In Mind

While it’s true that two dogs can be as easy to take care of as one, remember that your new dog will model the behaviors of your Yorkie – be they good, or be they bad. Also, you will have double the financial and time requirements – but you do get double the love.

When adding another dog to your household there are things for you to keep in mind. Particularly if your family already includes a Yorkie.


Yes, our beloved Yorkies are bold and active, and that helps them be great companions – to you as well as to other dogs. But remember, they pack a lot of personality into their cute, small bodies. And, while some can be stubborn and at times assertive towards other small animals, when socialized while younger, Yorkies will do just fine. Yorkies are highly adaptable and thrive with the right amount of companionship.

Little Dog, Big Personality

One of the things that drew us to Yorkies is their personality. Curious, smart, protective, and attention grabbers. However, be cognizant if your Yorkie has become jealous and protective of you. This doesn’t mean that you can’t add another dog to the mix, but it will inform you a bit more about what breed makes for a good Yorkie buddy. As mentioned prior, early socialization with other dogs is key to having harmony in a multi-dog family.

Breed Research

It’s a well-known fact that dogs were bred for certain things. Over time, this developed into breed-specific personality traits. You are armed with knowing your Yorkie’s personality, and now just keep in mind their ‘Terrier’ breed traits. Also, it’s best to stay away from breeds that use their paws during play, like a Boxer or a Husky for example. For best outcomes, and because of Yorkie’s larger-than-size personalities, often the best breed for a buddy is a dog with a more docile personality.

Yorkie Bonbon with his pal
Bonbon with his best pal at work

What Breed Makes For A Good Yorkie Buddy?

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Is your Yorkie playful? Or, perhaps a little couch potato? With a Cavalier, it doesn’t matter, as they like to blend into families. This regal breed is very affectionate, gets along well with other pets, and adapts their play to whoever interacts with them.

Great Dane

Seems odd, doesn’t it? Such a big dog for a Yorkie buddy! But, Great Danes are known to be friendly, gentle, nonaggressive, and have built-in tolerant personalities. Once their rapid growth passes and they have full control of their large bodies, Danes make excellent partners for small dogs.


Originally bred as a herding dog (hard to believe isn’t it?), Pomeranians make great Yorkie companions. Poms are known to be playful, energetic, loving, outgoing, and very intelligent. Also, Poms are extroverts who form harmonious relationships with other dogs.


Yes, one of the oldest dog breeds, the Poodle, makes for an excellent Yorkie pal. You can always count on a Poodle’s easygoing temperament. Also, Poodles create unique relationships with each person (and dog) in the family. Poodles dislike solitude, and this is one of the things that works well for those of us considering a buddy for our Yorkie.

How About Another Yorkie?

There are two sides to the coin on this one. Because a Yorkie is a Terrier breed, you may end up with a very, very busy household. However, with training, it could be one of the most delightful buddies for your Yorkie. Some consider adding another Yorkie to their family as an ideal situation – mainly because they “speak the same language” and understand each other. Ideally, if you add another Yorkie, or any dog really, to your family, add one of the opposite sex.

Is It Time For a Buddy For Your Yorkie?

Our list of breeds that make for a good Yorkie buddy is not all-inclusive. A lot of it comes down to understanding breeds and their specific traits. Also, age can come into play. If your Yorkie is middle-aged, getting a puppy may not be ideal. However, as has happened many times, sometimes when you add a puppy to a senior dog’s life, the older dog can bounce back with more energy. Personality and behavior are things that you know best about your sweet Yorkie – and these too are important when you’re thinking of adding another dog to your family.

Just like people, one size doesn’t fit all.

Do your research, take your Yorkie out on play dates, and watch the interactions. This will help you in your search to find the perfect buddy for your Yorkie!