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Eating dogs is not as common as it once was, but some still do. The reasons for this range from cultural to personal preference and may include religion or belief, taste, or health. In Korea, some people eat dogs out of tradition while some people continue the practice because they believe it is good for their health. In Panama, some indigenous groups traditionally consume dogs during religious ceremonies.

Is It Cruel?

Seriously? The very idea of consuming dogs for any reason is cruel enough on its own! Not only are these creatures considered part of our family by many people, but they have often stolen pets who lived loving lives before ending up at someone’s dinner table.

The Yulin Festival in China is often noted as one of the biggest issues with continuing the culture of stealing, killing, and eating canines. You can help to stop Yulin forever and donate to stop the dog meat trade, there are charities that help to save dogs from this terrible culture. You can learn more about the Yulin festival history, how it began, why it still exists, and what we can all do to help stop it.

Is It Good For Health?

No! Eating dog meat is not good for health because it contains high levels of cholesterol and saturated fat, just like any other type of meat. This means that the risk of heart disease and stroke will be higher than eating chicken or pork, for example. Some people might argue that eating any kind of meat increases the risk of contracting such diseases but this does not include those who eat organic meats which are free from chemicals and rich in nutrients necessary for the body to remain healthy.

Is Dog Meat Widely Eaten and Popular?

Dog meat is not widely eaten in most countries of the world, but it is part of the traditional diet of several countries. It can be found in China and Korea. It may also be found in the Philippines, Indonesia, and some other parts of Asia.

How Many Dogs Are Killed?

Although it is difficult to determine the number of dogs killed in the meat trade, some estimates put it at around 30 million per year! China had an estimated population of over 17 million dogs in 2007. If this number is accurate then at least one out of every ten dogs will suffer the fate so many innocent pets face every day.

6 Countries Where Peoples Eat Dogs

1. China

The commercial slaughter and sale of dogs are now banned in China, but estimates for total dog killings range widely. These numbers are not official yet because they’re derived from extrapolating industry reports on meat tonnage to an estimate about how many dogs might be killed each year, which means there’s definitely potential that this practice continues and is happening, just not commercially!

2. Vietnam

The dog meat trade is booming in Vietnam, with 5 million dogs slaughtered every year. Many are stolen pets and end up being sold on to markets or even some restaurants, where buyers don’t care about their well-being. There’s little regulation against this brutal practice so thieves go on mostly unchallenged or are met with little jurisdiction, unfortunately.

4. Indonesia

Indonesia is a predominantly Muslim country that considers dog meat, along with pork to be haram (ritually unclean). However, there has been an increase in popularity for this type of cuisine among Muslims and other ethnic groups due to its cheap price and ‘supposed’ health benefits

5. The Philippines

It’s estimated that half a million dogs a year are killed for dog meat in the Philippines. Although there is an animal rights act prohibiting it, the dog meat trade continues.

6. Cambodia

The Dog Meat Trade is a Horrible trade that takes place in many countries, including Cambodia where 2-3 million dogs are estimated to be slaughtered yearly for their meat. Dogs are killed in a range of brutal ways, often on-site at markets too. A market research study in 2019 found 74% of respondents indicated having eaten dogs sometime during their lifetime.

Final Thought:

There is no denying the fact that some cultures do not consider dogs as pets and use them for other activities such as eating. However, there are even some countries where it’s perfectly legal to eat or kill a canine and get away with no charges! Please help to put a stop to the dog meat trade where we can, even if it’s just becoming more informed.


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