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The private area of a female dog is susceptible to swelling, inflammation, and infection, much like other regions of the dog’s body. Seeing your dog’s swollen vulva/or private area might worry you, and you might want to know why this happens. Why is your female dog’s private area swollen?

There are physiological and pathological factors that contribute to the female dog’s swollen private area. Physiological reasons include things like the regular heat cycle, whereas pathological causes include things like infections, labor complications, allergic reactions, forced separation during mating, and many more.

When the vulva of a dog swells up, you should get your dog inspected by a professional veterinarian. It’s possible that the swelling is not due to a normal heat cycle and indicates some severe health problems requiring rapid care.

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Why is My Female Dog’s Private Area Swollen?

As discussed above, there are numerous reasons for the swollen female private part. These include the following:

  1. Allergies 
  2. Ovarian Remnant Syndrome
  3. Irritation from poop or pee
  4. Insect bites
  5. Infection from bacteria and viruses
  6. Vaginal Neoplasia 
  7. Ectopic Ureters
  8. Signs of labor 
  9. Estrus 
  10. Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) 
  11. Urinary Incontinence 
  12. Migration of foreign bodies 
  13. Forced separation during breeding

Let us discuss all these reasons in detail.

clear jelly discharge from female dog

13 Reasons Why Your Female Dog’s Private Area is Swollen

#1: Allergies 

One of the most common factors contributing to canine skin disorders is the development of allergic reactions. Several things might cause an allergic response in dogs.

If you see swelling in the dog’s vaginal areas, your four-legged pal may be allergic to the shampoo or spray you’re putting on her. In this situation, taking stock of the items you use on your pup is a good idea, especially if you’ve only recently started using a new one.

An allergic response can also be triggered by a new food or by anything that your pet comes into touch with outside, such as an insect or a plant. Due to the high degree of sensitivity of the vulva, it may swell after coming into touch with the sting of insects or plant toxins. 

#2: Ovarian Remnant Syndrome

Ovarian Remnant Syndrome is a disorder that arises when sufficient ovarian tissue remains within the female dog’s body after being spayed. The swelling results from the surge in hormone production that occurs during the proestrus stage.

#3: Irritation from Poop or Pee

When a dog goes to pee, urine or feces from their bowel movements might become lodged around their private regions. This can lead to severe inflammation of the vulva. Some breeds’ lengthy, matted fur might make the situation worse. Frequent washing and grooming sessions will keep this condition away.

#4: Insect Bites

When your dog is bitten by some insects, it may have a swollen vulva, irritation, and even skin redness.

If you observe that your dog persistently trying to massage their private area with the floor or paws, it’s possible that an insect has bitten your dog.

#5: Infections

Infections can cause redness and swelling around a female dog’s private parts. Female dogs frequently suffer from bacterial, viral, or yeast infections that can inflame the vulva or other female reproductive parts.

#6: Vaginal Neoplasia

A vaginal tumor is referred to as vaginal neoplasia. In most instances, the tumor will not be malignant (non-cancerous). It’s possible that some canines won’t display any symptoms at all, while others will show adverse signs. Inflammation, discharge, or the sudden emergence of a mass protruding from the female genitalia are some of the common symptoms that may be present.

#7: Ectopic Ureters

Some dogs are affected by incontinence due to a condition known as ectopic ureters, which is a genetic abnormality in the structure that links the kidney to the bladder.  So, incontinence due to ectopic ureters may sometimes lead to valvular swelling.  Visit your dog’s veterinarian if you have any reason to think that your dog may have an ectopic ureter.

#8: Signs of labor

The enlargement or swelling of the female dog’s private parts may be a sign that your pregnant dog is getting ready to give birth any moment soon. This swelling is a common indicator, and it is possible that she will start having contractions within the next day. If there are any issues during labor, the vulva will most likely expand or swell as well.

#9: Estrus

When your female dog goes into the estrus/heat phase, her body creates an excessive amount of estrogen, which causes pressure to be applied to the genitalia, which ultimately results in swelling. 

#10: Urinary Tract Infection (UTI)

Any urinary tract infection may lead to swelling of female private parts. This infection may be localized or generalized due to any pathological reason.

#11: Urinary Incontinence

Loss of intentional control of urine, also known as urethral or urinary incontinence, is a condition that most commonly affects middle-aged female dogs, spayed dogs, and diabetic dogs.

In addition to causing irritation and swelling of the vulva, this causes urine to seep out of the body in an uneven pattern.

#12: Migration of Foreign Bodies

Sometimes swelling of the female dog’s private parts was caused by a foreign body that had been stuck in the puppy’s private area for a long time. It may be any seed or any other foreign object.

So, exercising caution around your dog and any foreign bodies is essential since they can potentially cause a severe illness.

#13: Forced Separation During Breeding

It is not in the best interest of the dogs’ health for their owners to keep their canines apart from one another during mating.

Both male and female dogs are susceptible to sustaining injuries to their private parts due to being forcibly separated, resulting in swelling and pain.

female dog anatomy outside

Treatment of Vaginitis in Dogs

If your female dog is suffering from vaginal inflammation, you will need to find out what is causing the discharge and the swelling and then address the condition. The treatment might look very different depending on the underlying cause of the issue. Surgery is a potential therapeutic option in cases when an abnormality in the dog’s anatomy exists, such as in ectopic ureters.  Antibiotics are necessary if there is an infection in the urinary system or proliferation of bacteria that is more than the typical readings. 

Anti-inflammatory medications, glucocorticoids, and hormone replacement treatment are all possible surgical procedures. When symptoms are not severe, a straightforward therapy consisting of daily vaginal washing with a gentle wiping of the vaginal region with recommended wipes may be required. 

Prevention of Swelling of the Private Area in Dogs

You can prevent your dog from vaginitis or swollen private area by keeping an eye on your dog all the time. Try to spay your canine companion as soon as possible. In that case, you can rule out all the physiological causes of vaginal inflammation. Also, keep good hygienic conditions for your female dog and clean their private areas as much as possible.

Final Words

It is critical to close check on your female dog’s private parts at all times and respond promptly if something is not normal. Regularly examining your dog for wounds, tumors, diseases, and inflammation is a great preventative action you can take.


Why my female dog’s private area is swollen during her heat?

It is a normal, natural physiological process.  The swelling of the vulva/female dog private parties due to the increased estrogen levels. Estrogen causes the tissues to swell abruptly and turn outward from the vulva.

Why is my female dogs’ private area swollen after grooming?

The shampoo or other things you’re using to groom your female dog may be causing her private area to swell up because she’s having an allergic response to them. Other than that, if your grooming machine clippers touch a female dog’s vulva, it may sometimes also lead to inflammation.

Why is my female dog’s private area swollen and bleeding?

When a female dog is in heat, her vulva will get enlarged, and she will have a bloody discharge. This indicates that the dog is preparing to mate. A dog’s heat cycle is typically between one and two weeks; however, this can vary greatly depending on the breed. After going through the heat cycle, the vulva should revert to its usual look, and the bleeding should stop.

Why is my female dog’s private area swollen and red?

As mentioned above, both physiological and pathological causes lead to red and swollen female dogs’ private areas. Physiological causes include the normal heat cycle, and pathological causes include any infection.

Why is my female dog’s private area swollen after being spayed?

There is a possibility that some ovarian tissue was left behind in your spayed female dog’s belly following her spay operation if she has swollen genitalia with a bloody discharge. The vulva of a dog may also seem bloated if the dog has an infection, has been injured, or has a tumor.