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Dogs have become part of some households and have taken proper care of their pets. As precious as they are, they are also susceptible to parasitic diseases and the like. Worms can be less deadly but sure is a dangerous disease for your canine pets.

The best thing to do in this kind of situation is to understand what can happen to your pet if they get infections caused by worms.

What Are The Common Types Of Dog Worms?

Most dogs can be susceptible to different types of diseases. Even so, infestations are not something to be taken lightly. It is because dogs can not complain much if they feel any discomfort like a human does. It will help if you take extra care of your pets.

You might have asked yourself questions like: “what could I possibly do” or “how to tell if my dog has worms?” Taking care of a canine might be hard for a beginner, and there may be things that can be confusing. It would be best to learn about the different types of dog worms.

Here are a few common types of dog worms that you should be aware of.


Hookworms are known for their blood-sucking abilities which can be fatal for relatively young puppies. Your dog can be infested when it swallows a hookworm larva. Then, they stay in the dog’s digestive system to complete their cycle.

They can usually get infested with hookworms when your dog grooms their own feet. Sometimes when they smell feces or contaminated soil, they can be infected through these.


Tapeworms also stay in your dog’s digestive system, specifically the small intestine. They absorb the nutrients as soon as the food is digested. Normally, tapeworms do not do any significant harm to your dog.

However, there can be a slight chance that tapeworms can be passed from a dog to a human. Though the case is shallow, it would be best to be mindful.


Roundworms are also intestinal worms that gradually drill through the bodily tissues and organs. Dogs can get this worm from the environment or their mother. If the mother is already infected with roundworms, they can pass them while it is in their belly.

Also, there can be instances where a dog can eat roundworm eggs from the feces of other animals. Moreover, roundworms are more common in puppies.

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How Can It Affect The Dog?

The symptoms vary depending on the worm disease. Worm infestation causes different symptoms in the dog. Most often than not, some dogs do not show any signs at all.

Even so, there are still dogs that manifest visible symptoms. That is why familiarizing how it can affect your pet is extremely important.

Though intestinal worms, such as roundworms, do not significantly cause significant illness, they can still make a dog seriously ill. Most dogs might experience cases of vomiting and diarrhea.

Concerning this, you might also observe a swollen abdomen. As a result, they can be lethargic and sensitive. You should be careful not to let your dog be dehydrated.

In severe cases, your dogs can experience pneumonia. With pneumonia, they may experience difficulty in breathing and nasal whistling. You may observe nasal whistling, coughing, and high fever.

If such symptoms are apparent, you must contact your veterinarian.

What Can You Do To Help Your Dog?

The most intelligent action is to make sure that your dog is appropriately attending the routine checkup. The most common checkup a veterinarian may do is to collect feces samples.

The sample is necessary for the stool test. The test will help determine if there is any evidence of worms.

If there are signs of worms, the veterinarian will highly prescribe a deworming medication. You must follow the directions for this treatment. Remember that no dewormer works equally for all types of dog worms.

So, the prescribed prescription for your pet will be the most suitable one in their case. Moreover, after the medication is completed, you must visit the veterinarian back for follow-up checkups.

Fortunately, you can also do some preventive measures to avoid any infestation of dog worms. Without a doubt, your veterinarian will tell you what the best thing to do is.

Still, it would help if you can do something to prevent any worm infestations from happening.

Since dogs can acquire worms from feces, you should prevent your dog from getting near one. Once your dog goes to the bathroom, you must throw away the feces immediately.

So, you can decrease the likelihood of the work eggs infesting your backyard. With this, you must prevent your pet from getting near areas where you can likely find feces from different animals, such as parks or trails.

Also, you must keep up with regular veterinary checkup so your dog can get the proper care they need. Additionally, do not forget to practice good hygiene, especially for children. They must always wash their hands before they eat after playing or handling their pets.

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At the end of the day, it would be helpful if you take great care of your pets. Since they are part of the family, one must also protect them from any harm and diseases. Remember all the important things above, and you must not let your dog feel any more pain. As loyal as they are, they can love you twice the amount you give to them.


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