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The best way to describe an opinion essay is it is a piece of work that requires one to state their opinion on a given topic. To make the piece stand out, one has to ensure their thoughts and opinions are clearly stated.

When putting the essay together one needs to provide various viewpoints, reasons, and arguments on the given topic that need to be supported with evidence.

With the help of an expert essay writer from AdvancedWriters writing service, this article will provide examples of topics, structure, and requirements of an opinion essay about dogs.

Opinion Essay Topic About Dogs Examples

Before going to the structure of an opinion essay, a student or a professional essay writer needs to have a good topic.

You need to pick a topic that is very interesting to you or something you are passionate about because this is the only way you’ll be able to produce a good paper.

If you ignore this point, you will find the whole writing process boring if you pick a topic you are not emotionally invested in.

There Are So Many Dog Topics One Can Write About and Below Are a Few Examples:

  • Why dogs are man’s best friends
  • The various responsibilities of being a good Dog owner in 2021
  • Why is adopting a dog a better option than buying one?
  • Reasons why dogs make better pets compared to cats
  • What are the reasons dogs are considered good companions for lonely people

How to Write an Opinion Essay About Dogs

1. Title 

The first thing that one needs to have is a title before one begins writing, and if you don’t have a topic, there are a few things you need to ask yourself.

Do you disagree or agree with the topic at hand? After that, come up with the statement and use that as the title of the opinion essay.

2. Introduction 

This is also known as the hook, and it needs to grab the reader’s attention immediately. A lackluster introduction puts people off reading a piece because it sets the wrong tone for the essay.

As a writer, you need to make sure that you get your readers emotionally invested straight away before they get to the main body. After you deliver a stunning introduction, it is time to put together a wonderful thesis statement.

This is an opinion, claim, or major statement that is added as part of the introduction to add credibility.

3. Reason or Argument

When writing an opinion essay, you need to provide the readers with several arguments that defend the thesis statement that you have made in your introduction.

For every single reason or argument you make, you need to provide concrete evidence to back it up. It is perfectly fine to make more than one argument or provide multiple reasons in your essay, as long as you have the evidence.

4. Provide Supporting Evidence

As pointed out above, every single reason or argument you provide in your essay needs to be backed up with evidence, and you can do this by adding graphs, data, quotes, and more to make your paper stand out.

You can add all the things above; however, the most important thing you need to make sure is everything you add in your paper is accurate and defends your claims.

There is no point in adding filler content if it doesn’t add value to your paper, this will make you lose credibility as an essay writer.

You can have several reasons and arguments spread across multiple paragraphs followed by supporting paragraphs, and you can also explain things from a different perspective.

5. Conclusion

This is the section of the essay that will sum up everything you or expert paper writers have included in your respective essays.

In an opinion essay, however, one can rewrite their thesis statement in this session using their own words and highlighting whether they agree or disagree with the chosen topic.

The conclusion has to be very powerful and should leave a lasting impression on the reader.

Requirements of an Opinion Paper

1. Don’t Go Off-Topic 

The one mistake that many students make when writing this sort of paper according to professional paper writers for hire is going off-topic.

You have to make sure that you write your piece following the assigned question or topic. Do not beat around the bush because your tutor will see and give you a low grade or if it is handed to readers, they will lose interest.

2. Make the First Paragraph Impactful

An opinion essay is not different from other papers out there when it comes to the introduction. The general rule is the same, you have to make it impactful and what you put in the first line is very important.

3. Have a Great or Well-Put-Together Thesis 

Many people see the thesis as a short description of what the essay will be about. It sets the tone for the rest of the paper and includes information you wish to provide on the main body.

4. Use Formal Language 

The language you have to use has to be formal at all times, however, where appropriate you can be informal. You have to use a wide range of popular formal words such as however, furthermore, thus, and as stated.

5. Don’t Use Slang 

As stated in the point above, your language has to be formal, which means no use of slang. You have to be professional because your piece will be read by professional people or your tutor.

Avoid using words such as LMAO, OMG, and LOL.

6. Use First-Person 

This is optional, but it is better to write this type of essay in the first person rather than in the second or third person because you are giving your opinion.

7. Don’t Contradict Yourself 

To avoid shooting yourself in the foot, you need to make sure the grammar and spellings in your essay are all correct.

If you word things incorrectly, you will end up contradicting yourself, which is the last thing you need in an opinion essay.

8. Don’t Use Information Punctuation 

Your essay will lose some of its credibility if you include things like emojis, exclamation marks, and dashes. Stay clear of those and your opinion essay will be a masterpiece.

Final Thoughts

Overall, an opinion essay is an academic paper that asks students to express their thoughts on a topic of their choosing or one given to them.

Everything that is added in the essay has to be backed by logical explanations, and if it can’t be backed up, don’t add it to the essay.

Plenty of professional essay writers all across the world advise students to always refer to the most important information before they begin writing their piece and this includes things like topics, definitions, and more.

This is what separates amateur writers from expert writers because an expert will be well-prepared and use facts that elevate their piece, not bring it down.


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