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Yorkies are energetic and loving dogs that make great apartment dogs. Weighing no more than 7 lbs, these pint-sized pooches are feisty little companions. But for all their positives, they have a few eccentricities that can be a little difficult to live with when you’re sharing a small space with them. But rather than moan about these unique traits, it’s best to embrace them.

Barking & Yapping

Yorkies are big barkers and will bark at anything from an unexpected visitor to the prospect of going for a walk. Yes, barking can be annoying when you’re in a confined space, but it’s your pooch’s way of looking out for you and showing his excitement. Rather than yell at your Yorkie to stop barking, ignore him until he calms down. When he does, shower him with love and affection. You’ll both benefit from the cuddles and it may even reduce your Yorkie’s barking in the long run.

Playful & Energetic

To be a Yorkie owner, you need to be prepared to entertain your pooch as much as possible. If you don’t do this you’ll find your pet following you around the house and getting under your feet. Yorkies should have a 30-minute walk every day, but plenty of play is a must too. 50% of dog owners say they play with their dogs two to three times per day.

Yorkies are unique pooches, though, and rather than chase after a ball, they’d much prefer to chase the mop around as you clean the floors. By giving your dog attention, he’ll be a happier and healthier Yorkie. You’ll have a better relationship and he’s more likely to listen to you when you want him to do things such as stop barking.

Inquisitive Personality

Noisiness is a trait that most Yorkies have. If they can stick their nose in something and have a look they will. Don’t get frustrated when your Yorkie sticks his head in your dinner, trash can, or freshly-laundered pile of washing, though, as curiosity is a sign that your Yorkie has good social health and well-being. Have fun with this eccentricity by giving your Yorkie lots of safe things to explore. This could be a dirt patch to dig in, a ball pit with plastic balls to play with or an indoor obstacle course.

All Yorkies are unique characters. These are just some of the eccentricities that your little companion may have. Make sure you embrace them and you and your Yorkie will have an enjoyable life together.