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The Yorkshire Terrier attracts attention with its silky coat and pleasant hairstyles, which the owners are happy to come up with in their pet care. Raising this little dog, you get a charge of positive emotions and even gambling, similar to playing real money in slots in Canada or extreme sports.

Despite their size and cute appearance, they are strong dogs with a lot of energy, which allows them to accompany you on trips, walks, or just relax on the couch. Learn more about this breed from the article below.

Yorkshire Terrier – What Kind Of Breed?

With the heart of a hunting terrier, this dog has a shiny coat and a beautiful muzzle. Yorkies helped miners catch rats, and they were used in enterprises for many years before these dogs became pets with bows and elastic bands. Their compact size and light weight allow you to take them on any trip.

Despite the Yorkie’s sophistication, this is a persistent and energetic dog with a brave heart and a daring disposition. He is domineering and kind but retains all the best features of a hunting terrier.

This breed is given a lot of time in Canada because it is considered popular among all the age-old groups of dog lovers. York even dedicates games to online casinos. Many gaming sites have dog slots starring cute Yorkies.

Their longevity distinguishes Yorkies, and they are allergic due to a coat similar to human hair. They are excellent watchdogs despite their compact size. In your house, there will always be fun, love, laughter, and joy with them.

Yorkie Characteristics

This little dog has a daring disposition and a large set of characteristics:

Affection Maximum
Friendly High
Playing with children Maximum
Molting Maximum
Playfulness High
Barking tendency High
The need for exercise Medium
Friendship with other pets Medium
Intellect Medium
Learnability Medium
Energy reserve Высоко

Yorkie Care

This is not just a tiny dog that looks like a toy. Yorkshire Terriers can sometimes be stubborn and loud. Therefore, it is important to socialize and train them from the first months in order to exclude the possibility of losing control over the dog. In addition, Yorkies need constant care to ensure a long and healthy life.

Game and Exercise

Yorkshire terriers cannot be called plodding. They are so energetic that they cannot exist without long walks with elements of physical exercise. They require mental motivation to live happily and bring joy to their owners.

Therefore, be sure to walk with them for at least 30 minutes twice a day. It is not necessary to run cross-country or chase the dog. A moderate pace of movement is enough to expend the dog’s excess energy.

Be sure to teach your Yorkie how to walk without a leash. To develop mental stimulation, you can use the principles of agility training – a sport for dogs.

Yorkies do not like extreme temperature changes, which require special care to walk outside. Try to walk your dog early in the morning so that you can run during the coolest part of a hot summer day.

Buy a sweater or jacket for walking in the cold season. Play with the Yorkie at home because he does not need much space for training.

How To Care For A Yorkshire Terrier?

Fortunately for owners, Yorkies hardly ever molt. Their silky hair needs constant care. Use simple combs to comb your Yorkie for tangles and excess hair. These dogs need regular grooming to cut off excess hair on the sides and the head. Alternatively, tie excess hair with a ribbon or bow to keep it from your eyes.

Dogs require regular bathing at least once every one to two weeks. Clean your Yorkie’s ears by removing dirt and debris. Nails can be trimmed no more than once a month, which is affected by how fast your pet’s nails wear down. Brushing your Yorkie’s teeth more often or every day is considered ideal.

Yorkie Training

Yorkie intelligence allows you to train and train them quickly. But it is essential to start teaching them from an early age to eliminate the possibility of bad habits and introduce them to other dogs, people, and various situations. We recommend ordering special lessons in order to teach puppies obedience. This will help socialize the dog and give you peace of mind that a well-trained Yorkie will not misbehave.

This breed is difficult to manage because Yorkshire Terriers are often stubborn and refuse to walk in bad weather. Do not hit the dogs, do not punish, but be patient, and you can teach your good pet habits and home protection.

Please do not leave a Yorkie alone for a long time because he starts to get bored and feels terrible. Give your dog more attention, talk, and praise to help prevent separation anxiety.

This breed is not always a friend to small children if the latter is rough with this dog. This can lead to biting due to the Yorkie’s provocations.

Health Problems

This breed is distinguished by good health. But some certain diseases and problems require a quick fix:

  • Tracheal collapse.
  • Cardiovascular diseases.
  • Eye problems.
  • Dislocation of the patella.
  • Liver problems.
  • Pain in the intervertebral discs.

Where To Get A Yorkie?

Today, many households breed Yorkshire Terriers because of their popularity in Canada; this is a good business. Adult Yorkies can be found in special groups where people give their dogs away or dog rescue groups.

But remember, you won’t get a second chance because Yorkies sell out quickly. Look for dogs in special shelters because loud barking and the difficulty of training force people to give them away due to lack of time.

Look at photos of Yorkies and their varieties, read the owners’ comments and find a video to get acquainted with the breed. You can even play the best Yorkie casino slot to watch this cute dog breed.