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If you are an owner of a Yorkshire terrier then you know how hard it is to maintain its style. It requires a lot of attention and care. It takes a lot of effort to groom one compared to other dogs. It requires a lot of time to clean the Yorkie, trim its hair, and then style them. Even the face of the Yorkie requires a lot of attention.

Trim A Yorkie Terrier – How to Groom a Yorkie’s Face

Owners must pay attention to the face of the Yorkshire terrier because it is the most vital part of the grooming session. The pet has long hair and it can cover their eyes if not properly trimmed. The fringes of the hair can block eyesight. That’s why the pet owner must pay more attention to it.

Photo by Leo

Aside from trimming the hair in the face, there are other grooming tips that should be practiced regularly by Yorkshire terrier owners. These include cleaning the hair, cutting and shaping the nails, providing cleanliness and care to the coat, and cleaning the ears.

That is a lot of tasks that should be done on a regular basis. Special attention should be made while trimming the Yorkshire terrier. One wrong move and it could cost a lot. It is suggested that you must be gentle when trimming them.

You should use high-quality trimming tools to make the process run more smoothly. Just remember to pay attention to the dog when you trim the hair. It is important to learn from the experts first before trying it on your own. Be sure to find someone that has experience in handling Yorkshire terriers. They can make your dog more beautiful and clean. They can teach you the proper way of trimming hair and making it more appealing.

They can also teach you stylish haircuts for the Yorkshire terrier. Proper guidance can reduce the time of the grooming process and allow you to try different styles each time.

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Materials for Grooming a Yorkie at Home

Toy Yorkie

The Yorkshire Terrier is among the most famous dog breed in America. They are the most loving and outgoing dog who loves to play and cuddle.

You have to trim a Yorkie Terrier as they have long silky hair. They need to be groomed appropriately.

Here we will tell you how often a Yorkie should be groomed and the materials required for Yorkshire Terrier’s grooming.

Slicker Brush

The first step in grooming is to brush the hair of your dog.

You should do brushing before a bath because it is not possible to brush wet hair. It would help if you start from the head and neck and then to the body’s back, legs, chest, and tail. Keep brushing until the hair becomes smooth and straight. You should use a slicker brush for this purpose as it is effective in loose and silky hair like Yorkies. The best Yorkie hairbrush is by Lilpals for breed puppies.

Cotton Swab

Just like humans, the Yorkies’ ears and eyes also need to be cleaned. Excess material may accumulate around the ear ducts. Similarly, the wax may be formed in the inner ear. Carefully use the cotton swab to remove the resin in the inner ear. Wash the outer ear and dry it. Move the Yorkie ears up and down to dry them completely. Likewise, use a cotton swab to remove dirt around the eyes.

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Pet Shampoo

If the question “how I bathe my Yorkie puppy” is giving you sleepless nights, don’t worry, we have covered it for you. We will tell you how to bathe a Yorkie puppy in detail. The best way to clean them is in a tub or sink as they are terrified of the shower. Use a shampoo that is manufactured for dogs; this will not cause dryness, and the moisture will remain. Put some shampoo into your hands and then start by washing the neck and then move backward. Next, move to the hair and avoid the eye area. Now start rinsing the lather. Dry your dog with a towel and finish with a hairdryer.

Electric Trimmer

After taking a bath now, Yorkie is ready for a trim. Use a 0.8mm blade for trimming. First, cut the hair around the ears. The long hair can pull the ear down. Use clippers to trim the side hairs till the ears are free. Trim Yorkie whisker gently. Use grooming scissors to cut the long hair around the paws area and between the toes. Take the long hair in the comb and gently trim them. You should also trim the hair around the anus area as they may have bacteria. You have to use the best grooming shears for Yorkies to get the best results. Wahl U-Clip Dog Clipper is one of the best hair clippers for Yorkies.

Nail clippers

If you have a Yorkie, then you should know how to clip Yorkie nails. It would help if you were regular in clipping Yorkie nails to keep them from overgrowing. It is recommended at 1 to 2-month intervals. Don’t cut too high on the nails as the pulp is inside the nails. Safari Professional Stainless Steel Nail Trimmer is overall the best nail clipper for Yorkies.

So, it is recommended that you should do the overall grooming after every four to six weeks. This will help to keep your dog good-looking and fresh.

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Things to Keep in Mind When Cutting Yorkie Hair


There are some important things that you must know before cutting Yorkie’s hair. These tips will help you to get a beautiful haircut for Yorkies.

  • First of all, make sure that the hairs are entirely dirt-free and detangled. For this purpose, you need a dog hairbrush, particularly a slicker brush.
  • Next, do not use scissors to do the complete cut. The result will not be perfect, and the cutting will be uneven. Instead, use clippers and trimmers explicitly designed for the Yorkshire terrier.
  • Do not use human clippers as they are close teeth and are designed for thin human hair. Yorkies need a wide-tooth clipper as they have a thick clipper. Thick dog coats may get jammed in the human clippers, which hurts the dog. Fine tooth blades are used to trim a Yorkie terrier. These ‘F’ (fine) blades are used for soft and delicate coats such as Yorkies, leaving a smooth end. For thicker coats, skip tooth blades are used. These clippers will work best for a terries trim.
  • Always buy cordless clippers. They do not have as much power as the corded ones; that’s why they work best for a soft coat like Yorkies.
  • If this is your Yorkies first haircut and you think that your Yorkie will get scared of the tools, make him comfortable with the tools. Put the tools in front of the puppy and let him check the instruments. Move the clippers all over his body without actually trimming them. Do the same with scissors. Please turn on the sound of the clippers so that he may learn slowly about it. In this way, he will get to know about the process and won’t be scared anymore.
  • Yorkshire’s coat is hypoallergenic, which makes them a perfect pet. Usually, they do not shed hair. They have a medium-long coat and resemble human hair. Knots are made easily in the hair, which attracts more dust. Therefore, it is advisable to brush the hair after every two days but if you cut them short, then do it twice a week.

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How to Cut a Yorkie’s Hair Step by Step

Teacup Yorkie

For a comfortable haircut, you need to put some old newspapers and clothes on top of a desk and make your Yorkie sit comfortably on it. This process will help you to reach all body parts easily and clean up the hair afterward. Make them comfortable with the tools, and let them sniff the devices. Ensuring that not making any abrupt movements during the cutting will make the dogs nervous and get off the table.

After this, you are ready to give your Yorkie a haircut. We are going to provide you with step-by-step details about the haircut of Yorkies.

  1. First and foremost, you should brush Yorkies’ hair. In this way, the hair will be free of detangles and dirt.
  2. Start by cutting the hair at the back if the hair is longer, then use scissors to cut. With the help of a clipper, adjust the desired length and cut them as their hair is smooth so you can use a comb to smoothen it further. If you find the hair dry, then use a spray bottle to moisten them. Comb them and cut them finely.
  3. The next part is the hind legs of Yorkies. Use scissors to get the wanted length of hair. For finishing purposes, use a clipper on smaller areas like the footpad. If you want to do the whole haircut with scissors, use a rounded tip and be very careful. In such a way, the dog will not be hurt or injured.
  4. Now move to the neck, chest, belly, and front legs. Use scissors to level the hair and clippers on the smaller areas of the body. The best clipper for Yorkies is an electric one for its belly and pad areas. If you use a clipper, then it is ensured that the Yorkies are not hurt or injured while cutting closer to the body.
  5. Next is the essential part of the haircut, and that is cutting the Yorkie’s facial hair. It would help if you started by cutting the ear’s hair, both inside and outside. Move the ears up and down to look at the hair. Shaving the ear’s coat can also be done. Use a pair of rounded scissors and do this very carefully. Use the same scissors for grooming the face. You have to be very precise and careful while cutting the hair around Yokies’s eyes. Carefully trim the whiskers. If you think your pet is feeling uncomfortable and nervous, then take a break. Depending on thy haircut style, cut more or less hair around the face and head.
  6. After giving a haircut, you should provide a bath for your Yorkie. They will get rid of the extra and remaining hair that they may have during cutting. If you have given the bath before the haircut, then don’t use shampoo, instead use conditioner to smoothen the hair. It will make the hair silky and shiny.
  7. In the end, use a hairdryer to dry the Yorkie’s hair thoroughly. You can use a coat shine spray to give a finishing touch. You can also add hair accessories if you like.

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Yorkie Haircut Styles

Yorkie on a sunny day

There are many beautiful haircut styles for Yorkies. We are pouring in some suggestions of the most popular Yorkie haircut style. If you want a haircut for Yorkies, then choose the style which suits your puppy the best. Also, see which cut makes him comfortable.

  • Puppy Style

It is the most popular haircut style among the Yorkies. It is best suited for small dogs with long coats. The hair is trimmed at a uniform length all over the body.

  • Westie Style

This haircut is famous for the white terrier breed of the West Highland. The hair on the body is cut shorter, and the hair on the face, and ears are cut a little longer.

  • Schnauzer style

In this style, the back of the Yorkie’s hair is trimmed short, whereas the legs’ hair is left longer. The facial hairs are also kept longer to grow a beard to resemble a Schnauzer look.

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  • Pekingese Style

This haircut style takes after the Pekingese dog looks. In this style, the legs are shaved slightly, and the hair on the face and ears is kept longer.

  • Spanish Water Dog Style

This haircut style resembles the curly hair of the Spanish Water Dog style. This style needs less maintenance than others as the hair is left curly. The hair is kept level and uniform all around the body. No tools are used for straightening or smoothening hair.

  • Teddy Bear Cut

This style resembles the teddy bear look. The Yorkie dogs look more adorable and lovely with this style. In this haircut, the hair on the body is cut to the same level. The facial hairs are cut in a circular manner that imitates a teddy bear look.

  • Show Cut

If you want your Yorkie to look fancy and fashionable, then go for this cut. It involves long fancy hair. It is especially seen at the dog shows. This cut needs a lot of maintenance, including brushing and detangling.

  • Kennel Cut

This haircut is most prevalent during the summer season. This haircut style includes short hair on the body, and the hair on the tail, legs, and head are kept a little longer.

Whichever style you want to choose for your puppy, they still are the most loving and cuddly creatures on earth.



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