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Loyalty, intelligence, and gentility are qualities you may not readily find in a pet, but Yorkies are different.

Of all dog breeds, a Yorkie has a magical way of learning tricks quickly and forming a strong bond with the dwellers of a household.

An average standard Yorkie has an outstanding eagerness to learn and would give all it takes to grasp the tricks being taught.

Yorkies are small yet very agile and they all have a unique personality. Immortalizing their uniqueness through a custom pet portrait is one way to cherish their spirit! Does that sound weird to you? Here are four reasons why having them in portraits would be a great decision.

Yorkies Have Feelings

Pet researchers and owners have been faced with the question of whether pets have emotional IQ like humans. It was afterward confirmed to be true with dogs. Ranging from fear, anxiety, or happiness, Yorkies pick up feelings from their interactions within their environment.

Yorkie parents have reported that they react with some level of excitement, sighting their portraits on the wall and subsequently becoming more active. So having a portrait of your Yorkie on the wall could be a good way to get them in the right state of mind.

You Keep Amazing Memories Alive

Your Yorkie would not live forever. So what happens to the great times you’ve had together after its death? Having its portrait in your house could be a great way to keep the awesome memories alive. In the same way, if you use family albums to preserve the memory of all who have lived in a household, you can do the same for your Yorkshire terrier.

Yorkies See Themselves as Part of the Family

As I mentioned earlier, Yorkies do have and express their feelings in their actions. And since you have decided to have one as a pet in your household, they technically become part of the family. To give your pet some sense of belonging, you need to do more than play with them. Let them have their portraits on the wall with those of the family members. This would speak volumes to them of how much love you’ve got for them.

It Could Serve as Conversation Starters

Portraits sometimes are taken when distinct milestones were achieved. And anytime a guest sights such, it becomes something to talk about. Imagine a friend in college visiting you and seeing a portrait of your graduation in your living room. That’s enough to kick off or spice up a discussion. Pet is not any different! A display of all the Yorkies you’ve had could be a simple conversation starter anytime visitors come around.

You should value your Yorkie while you still have it around. You could make it a point of duty to make a new portrait every birthday at least. It’d be an awesome thing for you both.



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