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Owners of Yorkshire terriers know that their dogs will bark if there is somebody at the door or if there is some kind of noise other than the usual. This is a normal behavior of a Yorkie, and quite frankly, of most dogs, but if your dog starts to bark excessively then there is a problem, and that’s where we’re going to help …

Yorkie Terrier

Excessive barking is a problem with all types of dogs, from the small Yorkshire terrier to a large German shepherd.

It is irritating and disruptive. Dogs bark to communicate, which is a natural thing. But when the dog continues to bark for no reason at all then it becomes an irritable habit and a nuisance, not just to the homeowners but to the neighbors as well.

That’s why there is a need to control their bad barking habit. There are several ways to curb a Yorkie’s barking behavior and you need to find the right one for the dog.

In most cases, a Yorkshire terrier barks because of the lack of proper socialization skills. The dog also barks when one is threatened or territorial. But when a Yorkie barks each time someone walks by the house or any other normal neighborhood activity, the dog becomes an annoyance.

One way to stop the continuous barking is through socialization training. Take the dog for a walk around the neighborhood and meet the people, children, and others so that they are accustomed to the sights and sounds. The dog must be on a leash as you chat with the neighbors. This will help decrease the stress level of the dog and make one less likely to bark continuously. When the dog starts barking, don’t yell at them. Instead, go to the dog and say no barking while asking him to sit. When the dog stops barking then praise him.

You can also teach the dog the quiet command when one is barking excessively. When the dog follows the command, reward him with some treats. When the Yorkie starts barking, wait until the dog stops for a second and then say quiet. Give the dog at least a week to learn the command.

Do Yorkies Bark a Lot? 

Yorkshire Terrier

If you have a Yorkie, you probably know that they can be vocal. Like many other small dog breeds, they are true conversationalists. 

This is just one of the many things that make Yorkies such great companions, but it can definitely get old if the barking is excessive. You’re not alone in looking up how to train a Yorkie not to bark. 

The good news is that there are many ways to mitigate Yorkshire Terrier barking. 

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How to Stop a Yorkie From Barking 

If you want to know how to stop a Yorkie from barking too much, there are many methods you can employ as an owner. Dogs are trainable, even as they get older. 

Although they can be stubborn sometimes, Yorkies will respond well to certain forms of training. So, we’ve put together the most effective ways for training a Yorkie not to bark.

Here is a shortlist we’ve come up with:

  • Establish Yourself as the Alpha

Adorable Yorkie puppy

Dogs are naturally packed animals, which means that if you want to be an effective trainer you need to establish that you’re in charge. You need to let your Yorkie know that you call the shots, that way they’ll respond well to your training efforts. 

In general, this dynamic is a good thing to establish early on so that it becomes ingrained faster. When you’re out on walks, practice leading your dog around, not letting them drag you in certain directions. 

In addition, when in authority training sessions make sure not to give them positive reinforcement (i.e., a treat) until they have through-and-through completed the task or display of obedience at hand.

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  • Use Distraction Training Methods

Yorkie Terrier in blanket

Some refer to this as the “coffee can” technique, wherein you use a noise shaker filled with coins or something of the sort to divert your pup’s attention from barking. If you want to train a Yorkie not to bark, distraction can be an effective method to use.

When you’ve made a noise shaker, make sure you take it on walks or have it handy when your Yorkie is most likely to bark. This might be when a visitor is coming over or when you’re walking by other people and pets on the street.

The moment your Yorkie starts to bark, shake the can so that their attention diverts to you. When they’ve stopped, use a command like “no barking” or “quiet.” This may take a while to reinforce, but it’s one of the simplest ways to curtail Yorkshire Terrier barking.

  • Train a Yorkie Not to Bark with a Collar

Yorkie dog

If you want a super effective way to train a Yorkie not to bark, consider using the collar method. There are collars out there that you can control to get a Yorkie to stop barking. 

The way it works is that you put the collar on your dog, which is connected to the remote control. When your Yorkie barks too much, you can press the button on the remote to either send a deterring sound, spray of some sort, a vibration pattern, or a shock. 

There are many different types of collars out there for reinforcement, and we’d advise against shock collars for a multitude of reasons unless there is absolutely no other choice. 

A lot of collars will offer options to eliminate the shock method, instead of providing a vibration that won’t hurt the pup but will be effective in negatively reinforcing barking behavior. 

With the tonal collars, you can even train your Yorkie not to bark through positive or negative reinforcement. There are certain sounds that your pup will like and not like, so when they do something good, you can reward them with a positive tone too. 

Overall, this method has been proven to be effective, but there are some risks to collar training. Some people report that their Yorkie has become more aggressive after effective collar training, something you definitely don’t want. Other times, it has been reported that if you use tonal training, they might associate certain sounds with fear or frustration. 

If you go with collar training, make sure to monitor how your Yorkie responds to it and adjust your strategy if needed. Every Yorkie is different!

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  • Use the Spray Bottle Tactic

Male vs Female Yorkie

Sometimes, desensitization is hard to train. So, if that doesn’t work, another option is best to try out to train a Yorkie not to bark excessively.

If you have more time to directly train your dog, there is always the tried-and-true spray bottle tactic. It’s quick, simple, and not harmful to your dog. 

When training a Yorkie not to bark, when it happens just give them a simple spritz and they’ll probably stop over time.

How to Interpret Your Yorkie’s Barking 

One of the most important things, before and after training, is knowing how to interpret your Yorkie’s barking. If you’re wondering why Yorkies bark so much, the reason could lie in a few different things. 


Your Yorkie might be barking at a high pitch. If this is the case, it’s more often than not because they’re excited about something. It might be because they want a treat, a toy, or perhaps a walk. 

Otherwise, if the barking is in a lower tone, it’s most likely because they feel threatened or uncertain. This might be because they are adjusting to an unfamiliar place, person, or other animals.

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When Yorkies bark, it can indicate attitude changes as well. If they are growling, they’re sending a warning to those in their territory. When Yorkies whine, it could either be a desire to get something or to show that they are experiencing the distress of some sort.


If a Yorkie is howling for long durations, this is usually in response to another dog howling or being sighted. Little yelps are important to interpret, as they usually indicate pain.

Other Tips to Train a Yorkie Not to Bark 

If the above methods didn’t work or you’re looking for a few more ways to train a Yorkie not to bark, we have a few more tips for you here. 

There are many things you can do to help mitigate Yorkshire Terrier barking. Not all of them are directly related to structured training, rather, they’re lifestyle adjustments.

So, let’s get into the extra pointers for how to stop a Yorkie from barking naturally.

  • Figure Out the Cause of Yorkie Barking

Yorkie dog

As we mentioned in the above section, it’s super important to know why your Yorkie is barking. Knowing the reason can help you more effectively curtail the barking. 

For example, if your Yorkie tends to whine or bark at a high pitch, you know that the way to stop it is either to give the pup what it’s asking for or train them not to want a certain thing. 

Overall, there are so many benefits to knowing the reason for Yorkie barking. In the long run, it can help you manage the barking to a comfortable degree for both you and your pup.

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  • Give Positive Reinforcement for Staying Quiet

Negative reinforcement can be effective, but it’s not always the best option for every dog. In fact, if done right, positive reinforcement can even be more effective overall! Lots of Yorkies respond well to rewards for doing the right thing. 

When you see your pup obeying commands or refraining from barking, you can reward them with a treat or something they love.

  • Ensure They Get Adequate Exercise

Making sure that your Yorkie is getting enough exercise can do a huge part in curbing barking due to restlessness. Take your pup out for regular walks so that they can become familiar with more outside stimuli.

  • Get Them a Friend or Socialize Them More

Sometimes, your Yorkie might get lonely! Consider getting them a friend if you have the means, or take them to socialize with other dogs more often.

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