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If you are searching for a little dog that is full of energy and devotion, the Snorkie could be the right choice for you. Snorkie, also known as Yorkie Schnauzer Mix, is a famous designer dog due to its adorable appearance, devoted temperament, and low-shedding coat. In this article, we’ll look at some of the breed’s defining characteristics or specifics and discuss why they’re so desirable.

History Of The Snorkie Mix

yorkie schnauzer mix

The Yorkie Schnauzer Mix, or Snorkie, has been more popular over the past several decades. The Yorkshire Terrier and the Miniature Schnauzer are both popular little dog breeds that have been crossed to develop the Yorkie Schnauzer Mix.

Let’s discuss more about the Yorkie Schnauzer Mix’s origin.

Breed Origin

Like other hybrid dogs, the Yorkie Schnauzer Mix is said to have originated in the US. One of its parents, i.e., Yorkshire terrier, is a dog breed frequently used in the United Kingdom to eradicate rodent pests that cause damage to cotton and wool factories. The second parent, Miniature Schnauzer, was also used to kill pests in German farms from the middle to the late 19th century.

Both these breeds were crossed together to produce Yorkie Schnauzer Mix.

In 1872, the Yorkshire Terrier was first transported to the United States. The American Kennel Club formally recognized the breed in 1885, classifying it as a member of the Toy Group. In 1926, the Miniature Schnauzer joined the Terrier Group, which four decades later. The Snorkie is a designer dog, so it can’t be registered with the American Kennel Club.

Characteristics of The Snorkie Mix 

yorkie schnauzer mix


Snorkies are small dogs that usually weigh between 7 and 15 pounds and stand between 7 and 14 inches. Its long, thin body, tiny head, and charming button nose make them compact and strong. Their eyes are big and round, and they have floppy ears near their cheeks.


The coat of a Snorkie is extremely soft and fluffy, and it can be either straight or wavy in texture. There is a possibility that the coat of certain Snorkies may be more comparable to that of a Yorkie, while the coat of others will be more analogous to that of a Schnauzer. No matter what coat they have, Snorkies are recognized for having a coat that sheds very little, making them an excellent option for those who suffer from allergies.


The colours of the coat can vary, but the most popular ones are black (generally known as Yorkie Schnauzer Mix Black), brown, white, or a mix of these three colors.


The Snorkie breed of dog is known for being friendly, loving, and devoted, and they adore spending quality time with their owners. It’s easy to train them since they’re intelligent and eager. Snorkies are noted for having an aggressive and energetic personality and enjoy activities such as going for walks and playing games. They are fine with children and other animals, making them excellent choices for family dogs.

Remember that Snorkies can be a little stubborn, so they may need a little more patience and persistence when being trained. It is essential to give them an abundance of socialization beginning at a young age in order to assist in the development of positive conduct and to prevent any potential aggressive behaviour.


A Schnauzer Yorkie Mix lifespan is usually between 12 to 15 years. Yet, if you provide a canine companion with quality veterinary care and ensure he gets enough exercise, he will live a longer life.

But, like other dogs, your Schnauzer Yorkie Mix’s health will determine its lifespan. 

Known Health Issues 

The Yorkshire Terrier and Miniature Schnauzer parent breeds might pass on health concerns to Snorkies. In order to reduce the risk of potential health problems, you should provide your small pet only the best diet.

Pancreatitis: The pancreas is responsible for a wide variety of tasks; one of these jobs is the synthesis of digestive enzymes, which are necessary for the digestion of food.

When your canine companion has pancreatitis, their pancreas becomes inflamed, which causes their digestive enzymes, which are typically inactive until they reach the small intestine, to become active in the pancreas. Because of this, swelling and discomfort will result. 

Your dog will become tired and restless, lose his appetite, and vomit. It is imperative that he see the local veterinarian.

Keratoconjunctivitis Sicca: When a dog’s eyes cannot produce enough tears, a disease known as dry eye syndrome or keratitis sicca develops.

Cataracts are a common complication of dry eyes syndrome, which often develops due to underlying medical conditions. Cataracts can cause a dog’s vision to deteriorate; in extreme circumstances, they can even cause the dog to go blind.

Dental Problems: Your Schnauzer Yorkie Mix dog will likely have dental problems because its small mouth can’t fit all its teeth. Also, keep an eye out for signs of pain in your Snorkie’s small jaws, which can make it lose weight if it isn’t taken care of quickly.

Male vs. Female

Since they are the same breed, male and female Snorkies tend to have the same kinds of health problems. On the other hand, there are a few health problems that are maybe more prominent in one gender than the other:

Male Snorkies

  • Testicular cancer: Male Snorkies who haven’t been neutered are at risk for developing testicular cancer. Neutering significantly reduces the chance of developing testicular cancer.
  • Prostate problems: As male Snorkies get older, they may have problems with their prostate, like an enlarged prostate. This might result in issues with peeing as well as other health consequences.

Female Snorkies

  • Mammary tumors: female Snorkies that have not been spayed may have an increased chance of developing a mammary tumor. This risk is significantly reduced if spayed before their first heat cycle.
  • Pyometra: Female Snorkies who haven’t been spayed are at risk for pyometra, a potentially fatal uterine infection. Without prompt medical assistance from a veterinarian, it poses a significant risk to the animal’s life.

Daily Life

Food And Diet

High-quality dog food is essential to protect your dog’s health from being negatively affected by food. Because your puppy doesn’t require a lot of food, offer it several little meals throughout the day. This will help improve digestion and prevent gas.

By nine months, you should give your adult Yorkie Schnauzer Mix one cup of high-quality dog food divided between their two meals each day. As mature Schnauzer Yorkie Mixes are prone to weight gain, consider dog treats against their regular meal intake.

Kibble benefits your Schnauzer Yorkie Mix because it improves their nutrition and reduces the risk of dental problems. You should feed your canine partner a beef meal that is strong in protein, fibrous, flavorful, grain-free, and created with suitable components.

Pros and Cons of Getting A Snorkie

If you’re thinking about obtaining a Yorkie Schnauzer Mix, here are some pros and cons to think about first:


  • Snorkies are recognized for having personalities full of love and caring for others. They have a strong attachment to their owners and adore spending time together playing and cuddling.
  • Snorkies are little dogs, perfect for persons with small capacities or prefer smaller breeds. Also, they can be moved easily when placed in a carrier or travel bag.
  • Those who suffer from allergies or don’t want to deal with a lot of dog hair may find that a Yorkie Schnauzer Mix is a wonderful choice because their coat is hypoallergenic and sheds relatively little.
  • Snorkies can learn new actions and orders due to their high level of intelligence. Techniques of training based on positive reinforcement, such as rewarding the Yorkie Schnauzer Mix with food and praise, are beneficial with this breed.
  • Snorkies are often patient and kind towards youngsters, making them excellent choices for family pets. They’re lively and enjoy playing with their human relatives.


  • Snorkies have a thick, double coat that needs to be brushed often to keep it from getting tangled and matted. When done by a professional, this may be a costly and time-consuming task.
  • Snorkies may be more likely to suffer from separation anxiety, resulting in destructive behaviours like barking, gnawing, and digging. They require great interaction with other people and care from their owners.
  • Snorkies, like other dogs, can develop dental difficulties, skin allergies, and eye problems. Regular vet checks and good care can help reduce these risks.
  • Snorkies have a reputation for being obstinate and hard to train. Because of their strong will, it may take a lot of patience and determination for them to pick up new orders and actions.
  • Snorkies are noted for loud barking, which may become excessive if the breed is not properly socialized and taught.

Additional Information


Exercises should be performed at a low intensity, as the Schnauzer Yorkie Mix’s tiny body tires quickly. Your Yorkie Schnauzer Mix has an activity level that ranges from low to medium. Your dog should exercise no more than 5 kilometers every week.  You should limit your dog’s daily exercise to no more than half an hour.

This active companion would enjoy daily walks or playing basic games like fetch regularly.  Although a Yorkie Schnauzer Mix may do well living in a flat, taking him to the dog park regularly will allow him to socialize with other pups, run around, and play.

Family Compatibility

Snorkies are pleasant and devoted companions that often do not get excessively snippy with youngsters, making them excellent candidates for adoption as family pets. They can develop close relationships with their owners and take pleasure in spending time with those owners. Snorkies are little and fragile, so they need to be socialized with children and other pets early to ensure they get along well.

Due to the fact that they need less physical activity, they are an excellent choice for flat living or homes with restricted access to outside areas. Snorkies are intelligent and easy to train, making them a popular choice for people getting their first dog. With the right amount of socialization, training, and care, Snorkies have the potential to become wonderful companion animals for families.


Because of their high level of intellect, snorkies are typically quite easy to teach. They respond well to praise and prizes since they enjoy being the center of attention and are always pleased to get food. It is essential to begin their training when they are still young puppies since this allows for the most effective shaping of their personalities and actions. They are known to pick up new tricks quickly, but when they first move into their new homes, they need a lot of attention.

As they don’t have excellent control over their bladders when they’re newborns and need to use it rather frequently in the beginning, the people training them to use the pot need to be careful and patient with them while they’re doing it. Positive reinforcement, rather than punishment, is the best course of action to take when dealing with the possibility of a bladder accident.


Snorkies must spend time with their human companions to reduce their risk of developing separation anxiety and other behavioural problems. The way a Yorkie Schnauzer Mix puppy is socialized depends on the breeder and the puppy itself. Like other dogs, Snorkies need early socialization to grow up well-adjusted and well-behaved.

Socialization helps pups acquire social skills and confidence by introducing them to new people, animals, noises, and situations. A well-adjusted Yorkie Schnauzer Mix will feel less nervous and uncomfortable in new situations and less likely to act scared or mean. Reputable breeders start socializing their puppies early, and new owners should keep up this routine by introducing their Yorkie Schnauzer Mix to a range of good and safe situations.


Their coats can either be kept long or shortened to fit their needs. In any case, you should brush and comb their fur every day to keep it from becoming tangled and matted. Slick brushes and wide-toothed combs are two essential items that must be utilized to groom a dog with a double coat efficiently.

The time they spend outside determines whether or not they have their nails cut. The best way to clean out their ears is with a cloth that has been soaked in warm water. Brushing their teeth regularly will keep their breath smelling fresh and prevent plaque from accumulating on their teeth.

Fun Fact About Snorkie

Fun Fact About Snorkie
·  Even though they are cute and active, snorkies need some time to relax every once in a while. These canines take great pleasure in sleeping off while curling on a warm lap or cozy bed. During playtime, they may be active and playful, but in order to maintain their health and happiness, they require a significant amount of relaxation.
·  Snorkies are keen dogs but can also be stubborn and hard to train. These dogs have strong wills and may take patience and effort to learn new instructions and habits. Snorkies respond well to positive reinforcement training, like sweets and praise.
·  Yorkie Schnauzer Mix puppies can be an excellent option if you search for dogs that shed very little. These hypoallergenic canines shed less and are suitable for folks with allergies or who don’t want to bother with dog hair. But, to avoid tangles and mats, their coat must still be groomed regularly, along with regular haircuts. A wide range of yorkie schnauzer mix haircuts is available at dog barber shops. So as a potential owner, you can select any of them that suits your dog.

Why We Love the Schnauzer Yorkie Crossbreed 

Snorkies, the Schnauzer Yorkie mix, are becoming more popular among dog enthusiasts for various reasons. First, Snorkies look cute and unique with their long eyebrows, shaggy fur, and tiny size. Second, Snorkies are renowned for having outgoing and devoted personality, qualities that make them wonderful pets and friends for families. They are known to be loving and lively companions that enjoy spending time with their owners. Lastly, Snorkies require modest activity, making them suited for flat living or families with little outside area. Lastly, Snorkies are smart and easy to teach, making them popular with first-time dog owners. 

Breeds Similar to the Snorkie

You might be interested in other similar breeds if you’re considering getting a Yorkie Schnauzer Mix. The following comparisons can help you choose which dog breed would be most suitable for your home and lifestyle:

Snorkie vs Shorkie 

The Shorkie is a hybrid of the Shih Tzu and the Yorkshire Terrier. Like the Yorkie Schnauzer Mix, the Shorkie is a little dog breed known for its high level of devotion and lively nature. Shorkies, on the other hand, have longer, silkier coat that needs more care than a Snorkie’s. They may also have a higher risk of developing certain health conditions, such as allergies and dental difficulties.

Snorkie vs Yorkiepoo 

A Yorkshire Terrier and a Poodle have been bred together to create a new dog breed called a Yorkiepoo. Like the Yorkie Schnauzer Mix, the Yorkiepoo is a little dog with a hypoallergenic coat and must be groomed frequently. In addition to this, they are bright, lively,s and patient with young children. However, Yorkiepoos may be more sensitive than Snorkies and need more socialization to prevent separation anxiety.

Snorkie vs Schnoodle 

The Schnoodle is a hybrid between a Schnauzer and a Poodle. Schnoodles are little dogs with hypoallergenic coats that require frequent care, similar to Snorkies. In addition to this, they are bright, lively, and compassionate with young children. On the other hand, Schnoodles may be more difficult to train than Snorkies and may need constant instruction to avoid engaging in harmful activity.

Snorkie Mix FAQ’s 

How Often Should I Bathe my Snorkie?

If you use several external flea treatments on your Yorkie Schnauzer Mix, you should limit bath time to once a week. But, if it’s simply a regular wash, most experts advise not giving it more than once a month.  The amount of bathing your Yorkie Schnauzer Mix should also be influenced by its lifestyle, activity level, coat type, and the groomer’s advice. Overbathing can make their skin dry out, damage their hair follicles, and make them more likely to get bacterial or fungal infections, so it’s important not to bathe them too much. Instead, routine grooming and coat maintenance, including brushing and conditioning, are more important to the health of your Yorkie Schnauzer Mix than any other aspect of their care.

How Much Does a Snorkie Mix Cost?

A Snorkie from a reputable breeder costs roughly $600. Never buy the pup from the pet shop where these dogs are labeled as “Yorkie Schnauzer Mix for sale.” Always buy them from any reputable breeder. Nevertheless, the breeder’s location, reputation, and the puppy’s age, gender, and health condition might affect the price. The initial purchase of a Yorkie Schnauzer Mix is just the start of dog ownership, which includes food, grooming, healthcare, and training. Overall, people who want to buy or adopt this dog from Yorkie Schnauzer Mix rescue should think carefully about the costs and responsibilities that come with it before buying one.

Do Snorkies Make Good Family Pets? 

Snorkies are known for being friendly and loyal, which makes them great pets for families. They love being with their owners and are energetic and affectionate pets. If they are properly socialized from an early age, they tend to get along well with children and other animals, including other pets. But it’s important to note that Snorkies might not be the best choice for families with very young children or busy households. They are also prone to separation anxiety. It may be necessary to provide additional attention and training to prevent them from engaging in harmful behaviour when left alone for lengthy periods. When properly socialized, trained, and cared for, Snorkies have the potential to become wonderful companion animals for families.

Are Snorkies Good with Kids?

If snorkies are properly socialized from a young age, it is possible for them to get along well with kids. However, they may not be good for families with very young children because rough play can hurt them. Snorkies are tiny and may easily harm if mistreated; thus, it’s crucial to oversee interactions between young children and them. When properly socialized, trained, and cared for, Snorkies have the potential to become wonderful members of a family’s household.


Yorkie Schnauzer Mix is a dog full of energy, loves to be cuddled, and loves attention. The Snorkies are smart dogs who love people and always want to be close to them. They are very loyal to their owners and make great family dogs.

Snorkies are easily affected by changes in their environment. To avoid making them even more confused, it’s essential always to put the food bowls in the same place. Adults should eat quality dry food to prevent tooth troubles. You must get it from a reputable breeder. Adopting a pet from a shelter is an even better option; just be prepared for additional affection.