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According to a recent survey done by WeddingWire, 38% of people include their pets on their wedding day. There are of course a number of different roles you could give your Yorkie, from page boy or flower girl, to ring bearer. You could even make them the best man (although don’t expect them to organize your bachelor party).

There may of course be other reasons that you’d like your canine companion at your wedding, particularly if they don’t like being left alone, or are in their senior years. Yorkies love company, so you could simply make them an honored guest as part of your big day.

Keeping Your Yorkie Content

Before you think about having your Yorkie at your wedding, you should make sure that they will be happy and content for the day. Pack them a special bag containing food, treats, a water bowl, and maybe a toy for them to play with. You could even bring their bed so that they can have a snooze under the table whilst you enjoy dinner after the ceremony.

There may be a younger guest at your wedding that you could ask to look after your Yorkie for the day – it is a lovely role to appoint a bridesmaid or page boy, and they will get to spend time with the most important guest at the party.

The Yorkie Ring Bearer

Being a ring bearer is a lovely job for a little Yorkie – they can trot along by your side, keeping safe the most important item at a wedding – the rings. Wedding bands are symbolic of everlasting love and the commitment of promise that you will be making to one another. The wedding rings are also extremely personal and come in so many different styles to suit the couple.

This is why it makes sense to give your doggy the task of looking after those rings, showing that they are also an important part of the family. Attached to your Yorkie’s harness you can place a special pouch or pillow to keep the rings in as your dog walks down the aisle with you. Your Yorkie can then stay with you until the important part of the ceremony when the rings are exchanged.

Dressing the part

When your Yorkie is the honored guest at your wedding, it is essential that they dress the part – you can’t have a scruffy Yorkie! A smart bowtie instead of their ordinary collar is a simple option for a boy, or you could go for a floral alternative that matches the bride’s dress.

Your Yorkie could even wear a tulle veil that attaches to the collar. You can also get specially-made doggy wedding suits that fit over the front paws so that they look even smarter than the human guests.

Your Yorkie is an important part of your family, so it is a wonderful idea to include them on your wedding day. They can have a special role in your ceremony, or simply be there as part of your celebration.