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Everyone gets old and so do dogs. Just like aging human beings, dogs have to contend with joint and mobility issues in older age. The best way to help your old buddy in these times is through supplements and vitamins.

They go a long way in providing micronutrients and minerals that are essential for keeping bodily systems working fine and keeping nutritional deficiency at a bay.  After all, no one wants to see their pets dull and lazy, right?

In this post, we have brought a bunch of information about vitamins and supplements for older dogs, let’s have a look!

Does Your Dog Need Supplements?

dog and vits

As we are talking about senior dogs, they require higher quality protein and vitamins in their meals than younger dogs. It is also true that older dogs struggle to digest and absorb nutrients directly from meals.

Because of these reasons, they have a higher tendency to develop diseases, such as joint problems, dental diseases, dull fur appearance, and many more.

The right food supplement such as MSM for dogs assists your dog cope with the impacts of aging. These supplements are packed with nutrients that help your dog stay healthy and active in his older age. 

It’s also worth considering if your canine could benefit from the best dog probiotics supplements. Probiotics can really improve the gut health and immune system of dogs, and help improve the overall health for all ages from puppies to older dogs.

Common Types Of Dog Supplements


There is no real classification for dog supplements but you can categorize them by the major benefit they provide. Below are some of the common dog supplements.

1. A Multivitamin That Tastes Like a Treat – VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins

naturvet senior


Giving your dog a supplement can be a hectic task, but not with this one.

My Bruno and Muffin (well, they are my pets) are seniors since they are 7 or older, and this multivitamin is specifically for such dogs. Because these multivitamins are soft, my dogs think of them as delicious food. They seek them every day. I am really happy with these as I am able to give them on a daily basis very easily.

Along with their delicious taste, these supplements aim to address any nutritional gaps in your dog’s diet. They are essentially composed of a variety of vitamins and minerals. Now, no more different supplements for different problems.

The majority of the components appear to be aimed at improving the animal’s immune system and keeping the dogs intellectually active.

VitaPet Senior Daily Vitamins are superb in providing a bunch of nutritional support to your dogs. However, you can find a few complaints of them leading to an upset stomach. So, do keep a lookout for that especially when you are first starting these multivitamins.

2. The Best All-Natural Supplement for Joint Care – Natural Dog Hip and Joint

natural med


Natural Dog Hip and Joint supplements are ideal for “all-day resting” dogs. These supplements guarantee that each senior dog has the most active life and enjoys playing with you.

These high-quality vitamins assist in the repair and healing of joints in older dogs, which are typically the first body component to suffer from aging.

Basically, they have a tasty chicken liver and turmeric flavor and easy to chew texture. That makes them great for all dogs, regardless of the breed or size.

The best part, the product efficacy has been medically verified. It aids in the relief of joint pain-related mobility, soreness, and discomfort. 

However, if you have dogs with seizures, do consult your vet first as there have been reports of such dogs being uncomfortable with these tablets.

3. Support For Healthy Potty Habits – Naturvet Senior Advanced Incontinence

vitapet med


Do you frequently find your dog peeing all over the floor and sofas? Are you done with diapers? They would be helpful!

This veterinarian-formulated supplement has the right components to promote proper bladder control and resistance to disease.

NaturVet is a tasty and easy-to-give supplement designed specifically for geriatric dogs or dogs over the age of one that struggles with hormonal, muscular, or feces problems.

These supplements won’t do magic straightaway. So, you will have to be consistent with them. They essentially show their effective results in around a week’s time.

4. Organic Hip and Joint Aid – Premium Care Hemp Mobility Chews

premium care med


This supplement will ease your dog’s joint and hip problems. Want to know how?

Glucosamine is essential for the maintenance of synovial fluid, which lubricates your pet’s joints. That’s what these dog supplements have. They are fully organic and contain hemp seed oil, vitamin sea, flaxseed, coconut oil, and turmeric root powder.

Even more, its effects are immediately evident, making it ideal for eager pet parents. Overall, you can be confident that your dog is receiving all of the necessary nutrients to support bones, joints, and collagen health with these delectable and beneficial bits.

If you ask me, my uncle has been using it for his senior dog and he is truly satisfied. However, he complains about its stinky smell, but his dog eats them when hidden in a meal.

5. Daily Support From Nose to Tail – VetriScience Canine Plus Senior Multivitamin



VetriScience Canine Plus is a supplement that tackles several of the most frequent concerns that elderly dogs face.

It contains over 25 nutrients, and each of them was carefully chosen as it provided something that senior dogs need. It has biotin which will give your dog shiny healthy hair and skin and vitamin B8 to support his heart health. Moreover, it has ingredients that support everything from the cardiovascular system to the liver.

On the downside, they do have the tendency to become hard after a few days, and your dog might deny eating them. But, if he gets used to it, he will eat them anyway. Besides this, these are one of the best supplements for senior dogs.

6. Botanical Based Multivitamin Chicken Chew – Zesty Paws Senior Advanced 8-in-1 Multivitamin Bites

zesty paws


Any carnivore gets seduced by the smell of meat, and that’s what these supplements are masters in. 

Zesty Paws 5-in-1 Multivitamin Bites are meat flavored chews that supply your dog with over 35 vital nutrients, vitamins, and essential minerals. These delightful pieces are not only nutritious, but they are also beef-flavored, so your pups will love mealtime much more!

It not only improves your dogs from the inside, but it also gives them gorgeous, lustrous hair and healthy, irritation-free skin. Furthermore, the bladder, immune system, skin, hip, and joint problems are quickly solved by these meaty supplements.

Unfortunately, your dog will need a few days to get used to it. So, don’t worry if he vomits the first time after taking them.

Key Takeaways

So, there you have it, some of the best vitamins and supplements for senior dogs. All of them have some stand-out features and serve their purpose well. You can go with any of them or select the one which would serve your dog’s needs.

However, before getting any of them, make sure your dog is not suffering from any allergy or disease, especially diabetes.