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Yorkie breeders consider that these toy breed dogs are really prone to infection and a lot of Yorkies have problem with ears. There are some rules how to treat ear infection in Yorkies and following them, you will have a chance to keep your dog in a perfect form. Ear infections that happen to dogs are usually called Otits Externa or in other words, infection that affects the outer ear.

About 91% of Yorkies suffer from this health condition and ear mites usually accompany it. Besides, those Yorkies that suffer from allergies are more likely to catch ear infection than other dogs are. That is why owners need to know the causes of this disease. The most popular one is considered to be long hair that usually blocks the air needed to keep your dog from dirt and dust. The later can also increase accumulation of wax in the ear.

It is one of the reasons why owners need to clean the ears of their dogs frequently and it will help your dog stay healthy for a long time.

It is better to clean ears every time you want to groom your dog and it is not that difficult as you may think. You can just use a soft cloth along with cleanser which may be bought at your local pet shop. Then, it is rather useful to lift the ears and massage some fluid into them.

yorkie ears

If you have a Yorkie, cleaning the ears should be a regular activity for you as it may serve as the best preventative measure. Besides, you can easily spot the ear infection in your pet by sings of swelling, discharge, and inflammation. Additionally, your dog will feel infection as well and you will see how your Yorkie will scratch the ears and sometimes so hard that it may cause bleeding.

Photo by Josch13 [CC0], via Wikimedia Commons




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