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Most of us have faced this in our life. You take your dog to the park and, upon returning, want to clean up the paws quickly. You look around and notice baby wipes on the table, and your face lights up.

After all, baby wipes are often the most convenient solution to clean the dog. However, have you ever wondered whether using baby wipes on dogs is safe? 

Before we get to the answer, let’s take an in-depth look at both types. 

What Are Dog Wipes? 

Dog and wipes

Dog wipes, AKA pet wipes, are disposable damp wipes used to clean up your furry friend. These disinfectants can be used for any cleanup operation, from wiping your dog down to cleaning their feet, eyes, ears, and any other body parts.

Then there are dog grooming wipes that you can use to groom your pup, smooth out their hair, etc.  

What Are Baby Wipes? 

Baby wipes are wet wipes for infants. They are ideal for cleaning a baby’s sensitive skin in a pinch.

Due to their remarkable cleaning properties, these baby wipes can instantly clean even the baby’s bum.

That’s because the base of these wipes has either alcohol or any other cleansing agent to clean up the mess effectively.  

Can You Use Baby Wipes on Dogs?

Short answer, No. You shouldn’t use baby wipes on dogs, puppies, or other pets. They can harm your dog’s eyes and ears or cause other skin allergies.

Sure, you can use wet baby wipes every once in a while if nothing else is available, and they won’t lead to any severe health conditions. But baby wipes are for babies, duh! They are not suitable for pets.

Therefore, they are not the best solution for everyday use. 

Dog Wipes VS Baby Wipes: Key Differences

Baby and a Dog

Below are the main differences between these two types of wipes

  1. Cost – Puppy wipes are more expensive than regular baby wipes. The reason is simple; they’re manufactured specifically for sensitive dog skin, making them more expensive than baby wipes. However, it depends on the brand as well. Some baby wipes are more expensive than dog wipes. 
  2. Size – Dog wipes are usually bigger and more robust to rub the furry body properly. In comparison, baby wipes are very flimsy and small, even though they have more cotton. 
  3. Different pH – Dog wipes don’t include any parabens, chemicals, or fragrances. As dogs have a different pH level (between 5.5 and 7.2), regular wet wipes on their bodies can lead to skin irritations and allergies. 
  4. Different Ingredients – Dog wipes don’t contain any chemicals. On the other hand, baby wipes contain alcohol, preservatives, and other chemicals. As dogs will often lick themselves after you wipe them, they can ingest harmful chemicals from a regular wipe. 

Potentially Problematic Ingredients In Baby Wipes

Here are some ingredients in baby wipes that can lead to problems in dogs:

1 – Propylene Glycol 

Propylene glycol is the primary ingredient that helps baby wipes maintain moisture. When ingested in a high dose, it can cause central nervous system problems.

However, it’s the dose that turns it into poison. A baby wipe is unlikely to contain enough Propylene glycol to cause poisoning. 

2. Ethylene Oxide

Companies use Ethylene Oxide to make other chemicals less harsh. It’s a very well-known carcinogen. And that’s not all.

In combination with chemicals like Polysorbate-20, Phenoxyethanol, and other preservatives, it can produce another carcinogen, 1,4-dioxane. While small amounts of these chemicals are safe for baby skin, modern scientific research is unclear of their safety for dogs.  

Excellent Alternatives for Pet Wipes

If you are in a hurry and don’t have access to the best dog wipes, below are some excellent substitutes:

1. Pet-safe Baby Wipes


As you can tell, pet-safe baby wipes are a special kind of baby wipes that are safe for babies. You can use them to clean up even your dog’s paws, eyes and ears without any worry. 

2. Dog Shampoo + A Damp Towel

dog and shampoos

Think of dog shampoo and a damp towel as your DIY pet wipe. It’s an excellent alternative because it’s safe for sensitive canine skin. Simply add a few drops of shampoo to the towel and lather up.

Then, rub and wipe your pooch down like a pet wipe. You can rinse the area with water afterward. 

3. A Towel + Some Water

towel and a water bottle

If you don’t have dog shampoo, there is no need to worry. You can get away with just a towel and some water, depending on how dirty your furry friend is.

Wet the towel and clean your dog. You can also use a clean piece of cloth in case you can’t locate a towel nearby. 

Final Thoughts

The bottom line is both types of wipes are different. Dog cleaning wipes are suitable for dogs because they have a much gentler chemical combination to avoid causing skin irritation.

On the other hand, baby wipes include certain chemicals that can irritate and disturb your pooch’s pH the skin. If you want to use baby wipes on your pet, ensure they are pet-safe and avoid using them in lickable areas.

Most importantly, alternatives like a wet towel may work just as well instead of a baby wipe. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I use surface wipes on dogs? 

No. Never use a surface wipe on dogs (or even babies). Surface wipes are manufactured to clean up strong stains, clean any mess anywhere in your home and rub against coarse surfaces.

They have much more alcohol than regular baby wipes, which can cause severe irritation on your fluffy’s skin. 

Can I use dog wet wipes for bathing my dog? 

There is a special kind of dog wipes – known as dog bath wipes – that you can use to bathe your dog. However, it depends on your puppy’s condition.

If he’s too dirty, not even a dozen wipes will be a good substitute for bathing.  

Can I use the best puppy wipes on the baby? 

Yes, you can use pet wipes for dogs on your baby. Pet wipes are a good choice for babies if your baby has an allergic reaction to regular baby wipes. 



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