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A pet is a source of endless joy. Before welcoming them to our homes, we should ensure that our house is ready for them. It is important for your beloved pet to get a comfortable, nurturing, and safe environment for its well-being.

You should keep your house puppy-friendly because they can be notorious for chewing stuff during their teething phase.Provide pet safe blinds at home to create a conducive and safe environment for your family and pets.

How to Make Your House the Best and Safest for Dogs

1. Electric

Dogs can be enticed to chew through cords mistaking them for ropes or toys. To protect your dog from this hazard, you should put the cords behind the furniture.

2. Put Latches 

Inquisitive puppies may wander around the house and access kitchen and bathroom cupboards that may contain detergents and cleaners. To keep your dog out of trouble, you should put latches on the doors.

3. Go

If you are going for pleated and lightweight shades, cordless crown cellular shades add a unique look to your window. The cordless functionality means they don’t have hazardous cords that can be chewed on or that cause strangulation hazards.

4. Keep Pets Out Of

Store the chemicals in garages in lockable cupboards. Protect the garage with a fence and a gate since the pets can tamper with the equipment and tools ending up hurt.

5. Secure your Dog

Dogs are surprisingly swift when it comes to escaping the garden. Use boards and wires to cover up any existing gap including small holes. Ensure your gate is working properly if you want your pet to play in the garden with no worries of them escaping.

What Are the Best Blinds?

1. Roller

It has no gaps between slats minimizing the risk of your pet getting hurt as they won’t try to put their head between them. You should find an option with a smooth finish to avoid your pet’s hair from sticking to it easily.

Waterproof blinds can be wiped clean with ease allowing you to remove dirt and your pet’s licks. A blackout roller blind is good for pets with anxiety by blocking outside distractions.

2. Vertical

They have slats that can easily move meaning your pet won’t have to force themselves through to see the view. If your pet likes to explore a lot, the rigid PVC style is the best option. Plain designs are easy to maintain and clean.

3. Wooden

They are durable and very resilient. Your pet will less likely to try to force themselves through to see outside if the blinds have large slats. The faux wood design is highly durable and waterproof.


Your pet may have a bad chewing habit that may be caused by boredom, anxiety, or other issues. They may chew or try to force themselves through the blinds hence damaging them.

You should consider your pet’s specific needs before deciding what the best blinds to use is. Wooden, roller, and vertical blinds are the best designs for your window if you are a pet owner.

Make your pets safe at home by securing your garden, going cordless, putting latches on cupboards, and keeping them out of the garage.


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