The Yorkshire terrier is an attractive breed due to its small size and gentle appearance. Yorkies are also known to be brave, energetic, and loving. But their small size doesn’t stop them from being adventurous. They are protective and loyal to their masters. But just like any other dog breed, Yorkshire terriers are susceptible to health disorders, such as skin conditions.

Yorkshire terrier is a small dog breed that is around seven pounds and averages around six to seven inches. It has long silky coats that are tan and steel blue. Their fur color can be tan or blonde and everything in between. They can be mixed with black or gray. Their coat grows non-stop over time. One thing that’s good about its coat is that it doesn’t shed a lot. Its tail stands tall and its ears are erect, small and covered with fur.

Yorkshire terriers are susceptible to specific health conditions such as tooth decay, cataracts, and bronchitis. They also have sensitive digestive system and skin. They often have allergies and can suffer from hot spots that can lead to hair loss. They can also suffer from hair loss at the area of an injection. Some Yorkies experience allergic reactions to products and food. When this happens, the skin is red and inflamed. Some develop dry patches as well. The skin becomes flaky and dry.Yorkshire skin problems

The Yorkshire terrier must be groomed properly in order to prevent the symptoms of skin disorders.

These include: regular brushing and grooming in order to sustain healthy hair and skin.

Common causes of skin conditions are allergies to grass and fleas.

You should keep your Yorkie off the grass. Fleas are disastrous for Yorkies because of their sensitive skin. You should keep them off fleas through proper grooming.

Photo by Love Crusader at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-3.0 undefined GFDL]