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Causes of Seizures in Yorkshire Terriers

    Preventive Care    July 8, 2014

Yorkshire Terriers seizures

Any breed of dog can have a seizure. Yorkshire terriers are not known for canine epilepsy, which is the most common cause of seizures among dogs, but there is a significant number of Yorkies who have seizures due to related conditions, some of them are:

Liver ShuntYorkshire Terriers seizures

Yorkshire terriers are known to suffer from portosystemic shunt or liver shunt. It is a hereditary condition that limits blood flow to the liver. The condition causes the buildup of toxins in the blood of the Yorkies and can cause seizures.


Brain Tumors

Yorkies can also suffer from a brain tumor that can cause the seizures. It doesn’t matter whether the tumor is malignant or not. As the tumor becomes big, the seizures progress from partial ones to grand mal seizures. When this happens, anti-convulsants will be ineffective against controlling the seizures.

Juvenile Hypoglycemia

Some Yorkshire terriers have seizures due to transient juvenile hypoglycemia, which is a drop in blood sugar. Other small breeds also experience this condition. When this happens, the dog becomes disoriented and will start to froth at the mouth. Then the dog will have a seizure. This condition can be fatal especially if not treated in time.

Falls or Trauma

A bump or a fall to a Yorkie can lead to trauma to its brain. The indicators are not obvious right away but the seizures would develop within several days or weeks. They will subside over time or can become worse if the injury fails to heal.


If the Yorkshire terrier consumes poison, such as rat poison, chocolate, thallium, lead, or flea powder, it can react with severe seizures. The Yorkie should be treated right away or else the poison can lead to irreparable damage or even death.

There are times that a vet could not determine the cause of seizures of a Yorkshire terrier. Seizures are usually indicators of diseases. It is also a sign of Lyme Disease, distemper, and kidney failure.

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