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Having a dog can change your mood, life, and the meaning of happiness. There are many people who own dogs for unconditional love, and they are right in choosing the breeds.

If you have to pet one dog, then choose the breed wisely. Certain breeds are best-considered family dog because they are good with old and young people.

The reason why some dogs are termed family dogs is that they are good to deal with. There are certain breeds that throw tantrums, are cuddly, and always want special treatment from their owners.

Also, they are not social and might not gel with other species. So, you need to choose accordingly. We will be discussing some genuine good dog breeds that will relieve your stress and not add something to it.

So, this is the right place to stop and get to know about all the options that you have to choose from. Common breeds like German Shepherds, Labradors, and their crossbreeds are ideal. But you have to consider their size as well.

4 Domestic Dog Breed Options For Families With Kids

The biggest challenge when raising a kid and a dog is that you need to give constant attention to both. Especially when the dog is actually small and just brought home.

To get accustomed to the new environment, you need to accompany the dog and introduce it to the other members of the family. Similarly, your kids need attention, too, so the first and the wisest step will be to choose the breed that can actually give you less stress and more love.

So, here is the list of 4 domestic dog breeds for families with kids.

1. Golden Retriever

The gentle and loving dog is a sweetheart of the family. These dogs know how to love all the family members and how to snuggle at the same time.

It is usually social, playful, jovial, and energetic. Once it gets inside our home, you know entertainment is a sure thing.

Kids will love to enjoy the energetic nature of the dog. However, they need to be taken care of as well. Make them exercise and give them a proper diet; otherwise, they can be overweight.

2. German Shephard

This is a gentle breed that can easily mix with your kids, and trust us; this is one of the most protective breeds. Your kids will feel safe around them, and there is nothing to worry about. The only thing that you should worry about is the shedding.

They shed a lot, and your kids might be allergic to them. However, if you can take care, like proper combing and brushing of the coat, then shedding might not be a problem.

However, behavior-wise, they are extremely gentle and active. From hardcore training to playing with your kids, it is the best breed ever. Moreover, with the energy that kids and dogs have, only they can help each other.

3. Newfoundland

The big, timid, and docile dogs are just a perfect addition to a happy family. They are intelligent at the same time. If you love to have some quiet species, then go for this.

These dogs are actually always in energy-saving mode. You won’t see them over-enthusiastically running and playing. But, they can be a good companion to your kids when the toddler learns to walk.

4. Pug

The pug is another option that is small and suitable for small apartments. These dogs are always a source of your happiness with their eccentrics. So much so that you can’t stop cuddling the cute dogs.

Their small paws, noses, and many other things are adorable. They are usually healthy, but if you can, try to be vigilant about their health.

Most of them suffer from nostril-related issues that may require some minor operations. But that is not a mandatory thing. If you want to be less worried about maintaining a dog, you can keep a pug.


If you are still doubtful about which dog breed you need to pick, just go with your instinct. All dogs are lovely but choose them which are less troublesome. High-maintenance dogs are difficult to maintain when you have some kids to look after. The mentioned breeds are good, and you may choose them without many problems. We assure you, they are not going to disappoint you.