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So you’ve made the decision to get a German Rottweiler puppy. While you may have done some research already this is a big commitment, and there are some important considerations to keep in mind both when buying a puppy and what to expect from him or her when you get home.

Finding a breeder

The first thing to do is find a reputable German Rottweiler breeder. This can be easier said than done, as there has been a rise in puppy mills and online scams in recent years. You want to ensure that the puppy you buy is healthy and has been bred in the right conditions to avoid issues down the line. Research can be key here, as can meeting the breeder and your puppy in person, before you give up your hard-earned cash.

Important information about the German Rottweiler breed

There is a common misconception that German Rottweilers are aggressive and scary, but the reality is that they are actually calm and gentle protectors. All dog breeds have traits that give them their personalities and these have been honed over centuries to perform specific functions. With the German Rottweiler, you may be surprised to learn that their original role was to protect herds of livestock during battle and not to act as aggressive deterrents against potential threats. This means that while they will protect their charges, attack isn’t a default trait.

What type of owner will suit a German Rottweiler puppy best?

German Rottweiler puppies fare best in homes that have calm, attentive owners who have the time and tolerance to properly train them. It can be important to have patience and a laid-back, yet firm approach to ownership, alongside a well-structured home environment. This means that your puppy will be most comfortable with a strong daily routine, so be sure to define and stick to schedules when it comes to feeding, play and more. It can be imperative to understand that these dogs are extremely loving and crave attention, so they are likely to take up a lot of your time.

What to expect when you get a German Rottweiler puppy home?

German Rottweilers are large and silly and new owners may find that their puppy doesn’t understand its own size. This may lead to some uncomfortable cuddle positions and frustration on your part if you’re not looking for a dog that wants to show a lot of affection. They can be territorial and may find it difficult to integrate with other pets, especially if they feel like they will have to share your attention, but the good news is that they are naturally intelligent and highly trainable (although they can be prone to stubbornness).

As they have a naturally strong, muscular build, they can quickly put on weight, so plenty of calm walks will likely be on the horizon to keep them in shape. They can get bored easily, so owners will need to give them plenty of tasks to ensure a happy puppy that doesn’t resort to destructive behavior. Once again, German Rottweilers love to be loved, so make sure you have lots of soft toys and points of comfort for your puppy to enjoy.