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Who doesn’t like pups? Children, youngsters, elders, and almost everyone likes to be surrounded by furry-friendly dogs. But, that doesn’t mean every type of dog is for every type of person. If you think the same, I am sorry, you are wrong here.

Just like human beings, different dog breeds have different moods, temperaments, and life patterns. Considering all these factors is crucial, especially when you are an oldie goldie. 

Believe me, dogs require a lot of effort and care, which you may not want to cope with once you retire. So, when selecting a breed, it’s essential to evaluate the greatest match for both you, and the dog.

Here are the 20 worst dog breeds you should avoid when deciding to have a pup of your aged days. Have a look!

What Makes a Breed “Bad” for Seniors?

Dogs are attractive, but when it comes to owning them, things do not seem so attractive anymore. If the dog is hyperactive and has aggressive plus destructive tendencies, you would not like to run after him and clean all his mess all day.

Similarly, those dogs who mature slowly and need high maintenance are not a match for older people. Being an old person, you would like to have calm, mature, easy-to-deal-with dogs.

20 Dog Breeds That Are Not Good for Seniors and the Elderly


1. Saint Bernard

Along with possessing big sweeter hearts, Saint Bernand are massive animals and are hard to deal with. Not everyone can take care of them.

Saint Bernards have some unique demands and behaviors that make them a more high-maintenance companion. Unlike several big breeds, they do not perform well outdoors and need regular care and human attention. So, nah, they are not the best dogs for seniors.

2. Rottweiler

Rottweilers are known as guardians. They never compromise on strangers and attackers. If they smell any, they are very tough to control while on a chain. However, they should always be kept on a chain. They might become highly aggressive which makes them a worse dog breed for seniors.

3. Jack Russell Terrier

Don’t mind, Jack Russell Terrier likes hunting very much. This may cause you to handle some other dead or maybe live animals also. 

Furthermore, as they have a character of being angry and destructive, obedience training is a must for them, which may require a lot of energy.

4. Husky

This breed with stunning looks is a wish for all. Being a senior person, keep in mind, that they are not couch, companions. They like to hang around most of the time. Unfortunately, keeping them inside for longer periods can make them angry and destructive. Not a good thing for you!

5. Great Dane

Great Dane with a towering size can be a heavy breed for you. You won’t be able to fully enjoy them. They are the biggest tamed dog breeds and may be difficult to train.

6. Dalmatian

Dalmatians require a lot of outdoor activity and have slim athletic bodies. If they do not get enough time outside, their inner behavior becomes disruptive.

Moreover, they shed all year, so they require a lot of attention. The fact is that the risk is too great.

7. Boxer

Boxer has a quirky sense of humor. He is also devoted to his owner. However, he needs a lot of activities to keep his excitement in check. He also enjoys jumping here and there and falling asleep on your lap. 

An additional thing to avoid the Boxer is that he is susceptible to a variety of ailments that can cost you a fortune in veterinary care.

8. Australian Shepherd

Australian Shepherds are cattle dogs that are frequently employed by ranchers on farms. They are essentially medium-sized working dogs that are quite energetic and would not be a suitable partner for a lazy older owner.

9. American Staffordshire Terrier

This is a powerful breed recognized for its size and strength. They basically want a yard with a high, tall fence so they can gallop about and burn off excess energy. So, if you are one who needs a dig in an apartment, ignore this breed.

10. Akita

Akitas are affectionate and devoted to their owner. However, they do not tolerate strangers even if they are animals. And yes, you have to take them again and again to the barber as they need adequate grooming to keep their coat in the greatest condition possible.

different dogs

11. Airedale Terrier

This is an active high-energy breed that needs excessive exercise to keep itself happy and healthy. You might not like to run after him so this giant living thing is also not for you.

12. Belgian Malinois

They are widely known as police dogs. The Malinois needs something that will both train his mind and body. Otherwise, he’ll act out and cause problems around the house.

Moreover, they can be cautious of unfamiliar people, therefore they require early and continual socializing.

13. Brittany Spaniel

Brittany Spaniels excel in hunting due to their unyielding prey drive, which serves them well in their fields of competence. However, if you’re looking for a companion after retirement, these dogs will not be the slackers you’re hoping for.

14. Corgi

These darling dogs are tiny munchkins that let you feel like they are your baby. But, they are extremely active and destructive. On top of that, they demand a lot of care. Though we admire their dedication, they may not be appropriate in your older years.

15. Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinschers are known for their fun-loving nature but they are a bit clumsy. They jump and fall here and there ending up with your expenses in a trash box. Moreover, their long legs feel a bit painful on the seniors ‘ bellies.

16. English Bulldog

Bulldogs quickly create strong bonds with their families but they are so quick and highly active. Along with the health problems, they also salivate a lot and need to have their skin folds cleaned. Taking care of these places might take a long time.

17. German Shepherd

German Shepherds are capable of being deadly canines. They are only good for gatekeeping and threatening. They can cause harm to any stranger coming to your house.

18. Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are lovable and pleasant pets to own but they might not be the ideal choice for those who are searching for a little leisure environment in their homes.

19. Maltese

Maltese are cute fluffy animals and are extremely lively plus active. That’s the reason they don’t give a calming environment at home. They want walks in the garden and some extra grooming. 

Only a person with high patience can handle them as they are moody too.

20. Vizsla

Vizslas are great for hiking and running, not for sitting and looking out from the window. Moreover, they don’t enjoy being alone, they need one or two more dogs. If you can’t handle a bunch of pups in your house then vizsla is not for you.

Final Thoughts

From the above content, I hope you now have a clear idea of the types of dog breeds that are not for seniors. Dog breeds that have calm nature and enjoy sitting days on couches are the best match for older people.

Be sensible while choosing your pet partner otherwise, you will end up giving it away to your neighbors.